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Rebecka Martinsson

Rebecka Martinsson from Kiruna has not really found herself despite her big successes at a law firm in Stockholm. When a friend from her childhood passes away, Rebecka returns to Kiruna where she's drawn into a thrilling hunt for a killer.

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 9

Season 2 - Rebecka Martinsson
"With a main suspect in custody, Rebecka takes the liberty to interrogate him; a faux-pas that gets her removed from the case."
"The body of a woman is discovered in her car, and in the back seat there's a frozen infant; signs of trauma points to foul play."
"Rebecka returns to Kiruna and her crippling colleagues. Mella is struggling to be a good mother to her daughter who has now escaped. Tommy struggles to be a good cop, but carries a secret that risks stealing everything."
"When a young man dies of an overdose, the police do everything to stop the spread of drugs among the youth of the area. Rebecka is in Stockholm and in Kiruna the case quickly becomes personal for Anna Maria Mella and Tommy."
"Rebecka and Sven-Erik struggle to find sufficient evidence against Jesper. At the same time, Rebecka has come across her own investigation file from the social and is now closer to her own story than ever before."
"When the Bolagshotellet is demolished as part of the relocation of Kiruna, the body is found after Linn who disappeared 16 years earlier. Sven-Erik has never been able to drop the case and now sees his chance to prove that Linn's ex-husband, Jesper, is the killer."
"Krister's right to be involved in the investigation is being questioned, while the violent revenge campaigns in the Sami village are escalating. When the events are traced to an old family feud, no one is left free of suspicion."
"The police station in Kiruna receives an odd alarm. A quad bike has been seen dragging a reindeer to death and then dumping it on Jon Åppa's farm. Rebecka takes up the case, but von Post warns that the issue may be sensitive."
Season 1 - Rebecka Martinsson