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Real Love

Beth and Dylan feel pressured to act more like adults when their best friends become engaged. They each must confront their former notions of love as they learn to survive demanding landlords, spooky ghosts, and crazy ex-girlfriends. As they stumble their way into adulthood, they have difficulty comprehending exactly what it takes to love someone other than themselves.

Duration: 28 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 4

Season 1 - Real Love
"The big day has finally arrive, but the words til death do us part could take on a whole new meaning in the stunning finale of Real Love."
"Couples are getting together. Couples are falling apart. Dylan is trying to figure out which ones should stay together and which ones shouldn't, but since he is kind of an idiot in these matters, he turns to his landlord for guidance."
"Adam is gone, but it has cost Dylan his friendship with the house. Liam still thinks Beth and Dylan would make a cute couple and tries to set them up at a masquerade party, which would be a great idea if it weren't such a terrible idea."
"Dylan needs to find a way to get rid of Beth's new beau, and unfortunately Beth feels the same way. Emma needs to find a way to lessen to the rising tension that threatens to rip the house apart, while Liam needs to find a way to exorcise the vengeful spirit that is just as threatening. A busy day for everyone indeed."
"Dylan and Beth's one night stand puts a strain on the group dynamic that is further tested when Dylan's ex shows up willing to do anything (and she means anything) to win him back. When Beth has the opportunity to date someone else, Dylan must figure out what last night really meant to him."
"When his two friends make a major life decision, Dylan feels that his life is going nowhere. He decides to start fresh by breaking up with his girlfriend and pursuing his old fling. Problem is she has no interest and his ex is not taking it too well in this homage to American sitcoms."