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Railroad Australia

Discover what it takes to transport ever-growing numbers of passengers and crucial resources across Australia. With unprecedented access we go behind the scenes to meet the train drivers, locomotive servicing crews and track maintenance teams on some of the toughest and most spectacular journeys.

Genre: Documentary



Country: Australia

Duration: 344 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8.4

Season 1 - Railroad Australia
"Bernie Baker is on a tight deadline on board a vintage locomotive. Allie Hume is battling a temperamental engine in the Tasmanian rainforest, and on the Nullarbor plain, track crews battle through the night to repair a section of rail."
"Vintage locomotive, "The Snow Train", is senselessly attacked by vandals. Mark and Paul race to deliver grain and hay to Port, and in Far North Queensland, the Savannahlander drivers, Wil and Leigh, have an encounter with a stray cow."
"Project manager Colm Hand faces delays that could cost his company millions of dollars. Ghan train manager Bruce Smith is dealing with missing passengers and extreme outback trainspotters Eddie and Dave are hunting down a train."
"The Ghan train manager Bruce Smith must entertain passengers while battling every problem the outback can throw at him. Rookie steam train driver Allie Hume is on a nail-biting ride through the Tasmanian mountain wilderness."
"A Fortescue track crew have just four hours to fix a faulty track - fail and it could cost their heavyweight iron ore company millions. Long haul SCT drivers Cookie and Ryan are battling a freight train with a fuel problem."
"Sugar cane driver Ray "Stinger" Giles battles fog and mechanical issues in a race to get to the mill before the sugar deteriorates. Fletchers' drivers Mick Grantham and Simon Briggs are fighting with a massive freight train to descend the Blue Mountains."
"A monster sized freight train continues its 3000km journey through the Australian outback, Leigh and Wil prove to be more than just train drivers, and train tragic Bernie Baker battles the Blue Mountains in NSW."
"A 1.5 km long train travels one of the toughest runs in Australia. George Savell feels the pressure to keep millions of dollars of iron ore on the tracks, and Leigh Johns' and Wil Kemp's locomotive tackles Far North Queensland."