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QAnon: The Search for Q

This docuseries takes a step back to examine the who, what, and why behind QAnon.

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 5.8

Season 1 - QAnon: The Search for Q
"To understand what Q is and why it has been so enormously popular, hosts Bayan Joonam and Marley Clements get to know the most influential QAnon evangelists."
"In an effort to determine if Q was created as an elaborate hoax or clandestine operation, Bayan & Marley are forced into the dangerous world of internet trolls."
"Bayan & Marley examine Q's impact on the American electorate as Q theories spread from the far-right to the far-left, and as more crimes are committed in the name of Q."