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Pucca, also known currently as Disney's Pucca is a Canadian/South Korean animated television series based on a series of shorts created by Vooz Character System. The series revolves around 11-year-old Pucca, a young girl who's in love and obsessed with a 12-year-old ninja named Garu. It also airs currently on Champ Vision and MBC in Korea. Internationally, the series has aired on Disney XD in the United States, Europe, and other locales on the Disney XD channel. The series, Pucca, itself began airing on television in 2006, with a set of 26 episodes. The second season of the show, consisting of 39 seven-minute long episodes, began airing in 2008 after it was ordered to be created by Jetix Europe. In total, including the previous online aired episodes of the show, this brought the number of created episodes to 117.
Season 1 - Pucca
"Soap Opera: Dada becomes a ladies man and Ring Ring loves him. The Choo Choo Trouble: Garu travels to deliver an urn by train until Tobe tries to steal it. Pucca Goes Dutch: Tobe tries to take over Holland with an automotive windmill."
"Garu Down Under: An Australia man finds Garu and keeps him like a son. Woolen Warrior: Pucca's creates a sweater for Garu to wear on his mountain climb. A Close Shave: Muji tries to shave the Dugong's moustache until Pucca gets involved."
"Little Miss Sooga: Pucca and Ring Ring are in a contest for Garu's attention. Gold Medal Garu: Garu and Tobe compete in the Olympic games. Cat Scratch Fever: The gang tries to catch Mio to take him to the vet."
"Itsy Bitsy Enemy Within: Tobe travels inside Garu in order to defeat him. Puccahontas: Puccahontas tries to help Garunimo in his tests. Sooga Size Me: The chefs battle a Texan couple for their honor of the Goh-Wong."
"The Ring Ring Touch: Ring Ring tries to sabotage Pucca's supermodeling career. Garu of the Jungle: Pucca and the Chefs search for Garu of the Jungle until Tobe tries to capture him. Peace Out: Stress-out Abyo heads toward Ssoso's temple for inner peace."
"Tokyo A Go-Go: Pucca and the gang visit Tokyo, Japan. Ninja License: Tobe tricks Garu into taking tests for a Ninja License. Four-Alarm Fire: Spicy food turns the gingerbread people into fire-breathing creatures."
"Man of the Tree House: The boys create their own tree house and don't invite the girls. Spainful: Garu goes to Spain for the running of the bulls until Tobe gets involved. Romancing the Clone: Garu creates a clone and it becomes his own talking person."
"Oh the Bells!: Garu gives Pucca a bell in order to escape from her. Lumberjacked: Muji challenges Garu in order to keep a Syrup geyser. Autograph This!: Garu can't get an autograph until Pucca tries to get it for him."
"And the Band Played Rong: The Chefs create a singing contest as an ad for their restaurant. Tobe's Nighttime Troubles: Tobe plans on destroying Garu while he's asleep. Datin' and Dumplins: The Chefs of the Goh-Wong fight over a girl."
"A Leg Up: Garu gets a broken leg and is sent to the hospital. Surf Ninjas: The citizens of Sooga enjoy a beach party until Muji tries to wreck it. The Shirtless Avenger: Abyo becomes a superhero until he starts arresting the citizens."
"Evil Love: Tobe gets hits by one of Cupid's arrows and falls in love with Chief. A Better Boyfriend: Ching tries to make Abyo her boyfriend until Muji kidnaps her. Prince Not-So Charming: A famous celebrity tries to charm Pucca and Garu decides to help him."
"Matinee Mayhem: Garu goes to the movies with Pucca but she wants him to watch a love story. Feud Fight: The chefs go on strike and the village goes on a Ja Jang Noodle famine. Dance, Pucca, Dance: The citizens have a costume dance party until Tobe and his gang try to crash it."
"Ninjasaurus: Pucca accidentally spins the gang on a merry-go-round back in time. Unfortunate Cookies: Tobe forces the creator of Fortune cookies to create one that can destroy Garu. On Thin Ice: While playing in the ice, Tobe tries to make Garu sink in the icy water."
"No New Year's Eve: Muji's zombies kidnap the Baby New Year in order to ruin New Year's Eve. Noodle to the Stars: Muji steals the Endless supply of Noodles from Space Station Sooga. Ring Ring's Party Favours: Ring Ring tries to sabotage Pucca's party after not inviting her."
"Misplaced Face: Abyo shows off his moves until his face slips off of him. Swiss Kiss: A Swiss girl falls in love with Garu until Pucca tries to save him. Big Top Bang Bang: The Vagabonds take over a circus until Garu and Pucca play along."
"Rootin' Tootin' Ninjas: Pucca and Ching enter a world where their friends are Wild West characters. Special Delivery: The Vagabonds tried to make Pucca late in order to get their food free. Ninjitsu for Dummies: Abyo steals a manual that Pucca created to make love ninja moves."
"Tis the Season for Revenge: Christmas comes to Sooga Village and everyone's presents are stolen by a stranger seeking revenge on an old nemesis. Northern Lights Out: The northern lights go out at Iglooga Village and Garu must find a way to fix them before the snow beast can destroy the village. Secret Santa: The citizens of Sooga Village line up to see Santa not knowing that it is really Tobe in disguise."
"Invisible Trouble: Pucca becomes invisible and starts scaring the citizens. High Voltage Ninjas: Tobe gets hit by lightning and becomes more powerful. Ninjail Birds: Garu and Tobe get arrested and Pucca tries different ways of seeing Garu while he's in jail."
"Dream on: Pucca dreams about Garu until Tobe starts turning it into a nightmare. Armour Plated Love: Tobe uses Pucca's Scooter to make a weapon to battle Garu. Catnapped: Tobe kidnaps Yani in order to lure Garu and Mio into a trap."
"The Sooga Showdown:The citizens of Sooga Village have a Rickshaw race for a special prize. Scenes From a Maul:Pucca plans to marry Garu in the night mall. Up From the Depths:Garu and Abyo go on a fishing trip until a giant fish attacks them."
"Treasure of the Comfy Sofa: Abyo and Garu are capture in a pocket change-eating sofa. Snow Ninjas: Tobe and his ninjas plan to destroy Garu in a winter cold battle. Slam, Bam Birthday Bash: It's Pucca's birthday until Garu tries to keep her busy."
"Them Bones: It's Halloween until Pucca scares Garu's skeleton out of him and is on the run. Ghost of a Kiss: A haunted picture with a ghost version of Pucca starts haunting Garu. The Usual Ching: Ching becomes evil from Doga's sock and blames her rampage on Pucca."
"Cat Toy: Garu shrinks himself but starts getting chased by the cat gang. Let's Go Fly a Ninja: The kite festival in Sooga Village goes haywire when Tobe & his gang show up. Gone with the Noodles: Abyo tries to make his acting debut and Pucca foils it by chasing Garu."
"The Cursed Tie: Garu receives a tie that gives him a curse of bad luck. Chicken Spots: The Vagabonds create a flu that makes anyone act like a chicken. Flower Power: Pucca gives Garu a giant flower that eats anything and anyone in sight."
"A Force of Won: Garu and friends must protect Ching's pet chicken from Tobe. Chef Slump: The Chefs try to regain their honor while Pucca watches the restaurant. House of Doom: Pucca and company enters Garu's booby-trapped ninja house"
"Funny Love Eruption: Garu tries to save the village by stopping an erupting volcano. Noodle Round the World: The chefs attempt to make a noodle that goes around the world. Ping Pong Pucca: The citizens of Sooga village have a ping-pong tournament."