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Preso No. 1

The story of a humble farmer who becomes President of Mexico. When he is falsely accused of fraud and incarcerated, he must fight back against the corrupt system behind the scheme and clear his name for the sake of his country and family.
Season 1 - Preso No. 1
"Alone on the shore, Carmelo renounces everything and writes a note to his daughters, who are the most valuable thing to him."
"Pedro Islas Cardán gets his way and celebrates the judge's ruling against Carmelo. Benito Rivas takes a drastic step. Ignacio Mayorga's fate changes."
"Temptation and passion overflow in the Marias Islands. Armed and emboldened by alcohol, Segovia goes after two targets. The president is punished."
"It might be Carmelo's last night enjoying all his privileges. Segovia invites him to sample Clara's delights, but she begs him not to go."
"Carmelo arrives in Colonia, an open prison on an island, where Captain Segovia gives him a frosty welcome. Clara informs him of the dangers that lurk."
"Carmelo's family fears the worst. Led by Mayorga, a group of masked, uniformed men shoots up the truck containing prisoner #1."
"After the mutiny, Ramsés and Carmelo face off. El Tuerto must show his loyalty to the narco, even if it costs him something very valuable."
"Inmates take over the prison and threaten Carmelo. Piña gives the order and blood is spilled. The secret Virginia took to the grave is discovered."
"Carmelo meets the new warden, Piña, who tells him Benito is to replace him as president, then makes him watch an upsetting video of his daughter."
"Mayorga interrogates Carmelo's alleged accomplices in the escape. He executes one of them in front of Carmelo, making him feel responsible."
"Carmelo is on his way to freedom, but the alarms go off. Madrigal orders his killing, but they convince him that he'll be a martyr in death."
"Ramsés reaches the prison, and the guards agree to his demands, even telling him about Carmelo's most recent movements; Carmelo makes a key decision."
"El Tuerto reveals his worst side in a vicious fight with one of Faraón's other men. Carmelo witnesses his brother's animal instinct."
"The route to the showers turns into a meticulous search, and Carmelo soon finds what he was looking for. A scandal is plotted from on high."
"Carmelo finds a book with a message and a revealing image that may change his destiny, but he refuses the transfer proposed by his lawyer."
"The president seeks allies for his escape. His old friend Claudio takes advantage of Carolina's visit to the prison to send him an important message."
"One of Ramsés' men, El Tuerto, attacks the president. During the fight, Carmelo recognizes the aggressor and defends himself."
"Tormented by her worst memories, Carolina thinks about telling the president a secret she has kept for years, to awaken his fighting spirit."
"The narco Ramsés Cota returns to Mexico with one goal: to kill Carmelo. Journalist Pía Bolaños becomes a government communications adviser."
"Three women have left their mark on Mexico's most powerful man, but he loves only one: Carolina Arteaga, who will do anything to prove his innocence."
"Carmelo Alvarado, president of Mexico, is imprisoned for corruption and abuse of power. A woman, who has the evidence to free him, is detained."