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Preachers' Daughters

This provocative series follows the families of three church pastors to offer a first ever behind-the-altar look at what happens at home after the sermon ends. It’s a revealing, hard-hitting and often humorous look at how the daughters try to balance typical teenage temptations with their parents’ strict, faith-based expectations. Lifetime® gives you an unvarnished peek into each family’s dynamics as they grapple with universal issues all households with teenage girls face – personal freedom, relationships and trust– while trying to adhere to their often-rigid religious traditions. What happens will surprise viewers and change these families forever.

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6

Season 3 - Preachers' Daughters
"Megan and Lolly hire a stripper for Jayde's birthday; Lolly causes friction between the girls and their fathers; the girls go out for their final night in Cabo; the girls come together for an emotional goodbye to their mission in Cabo."
"The girls decide to sell shots and dance for money to buy school supplies for the children in the barrio; mission leader Tyche struggles with her faith; Jade meets a guy; Pastor Tilo brings in a replacement after Kayla's departure."
"After Kayla sabotages Lolly by talking to her pastor, Lolly decides to pack Kayla's bag; a huge fight involving all the girls breaks out."
"Cierra's temper becomes an issue when she is made mission leader and wreaks havoc among the group. Meanwhile, Kayla starts a ruckus when she drinks all the water; and a new girl arrives and shakes things up in the house."
"A mission trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, leads some of the girls to become divided over their different views on Christianity and the temptations surrounding them as Season 2 begins. Meanwhile, Megan feels like the odd person out because of her decision not to drink; and Kristiana confesses something that goes against everything Cierra believes in."
Season 2 - Preachers' Daughters
Season 1 - Preachers' Daughters