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Polar Bear Town

A half-hour documentary series set in a unique Arctic town with true northern exposure that provides a front-row seat for some of the closest human-bear encounters ever seen on television.

Genre: Adventure , Reality-TV

Actor: Mike Goral


Country: Canada

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 8.3

Season 1 - Polar Bear Town
"To bolster his business, Dennis plots an epic expedition over impassable tundra to an undiscovered denning site. At an exclusive denning lodge, Kelsey witnesses the rare first steps of newborn cubs emerging from their den."
"As the Hudson Bay freezes and Churchill's polar bears ready for their mass exodus, Dennis enlists Kelsey and bush pilot pal Al, to search for DANCER – the polar bear that inspired 20 years of Dennis's guiding career."
"Dennis and his client race into the eye of a storm that's threatening to freeze the bay and send the polar bears packing. Kelsey and his client witness an aggressive male bear stalking a mother and cubs."
"After a vicious wolf attack, Brian races to relocate his Eskimo Dog pack to safer ground. Dennis guides a band of underdressed Floridian musicians to an epic snowy adventure through polar bear alley."
"Brain hosts an open house at his roadside polar bear attraction to solicit some much needed financial support to feed his Eskimo Dog brood, under the watchful eye of Conservation,"
"Kelsey rides along on an airlift to release the Halloween-jailed mother and cub. Dennis mounts a snowmobile expedition to a train wreck site where its spilled cargo of grain is attracting throngs of hungry bears."
"The entire town rallies a citizen patrol to keep the town safe for trick-or-treaters, while Dennis struggles to keep bears from falling victim to the high alert witch hunt."
"Kelsey and Karine guide a polar bear attack survivor through a dangerous but therapeutic bear encounter, while Brian's roadside bear attraction transforms into a perilous circus with the arrival of a surreal Japanese film crew."
"Dennis guides a wildlife photographer to the remote promised land of polar bears but their photography mission shifts to a rescue mission when they find the tracks of an orphaned cub."
"Kelsey puts his life in the hands of a newbie polar bear guide in order to contribute to an important polar bear ID project, while Dennis comes to the rescue as Brian's bear security recruit gets schooled."
"Dennis mentors a nervous polar bear guide upstart through the bear essentials, while Brian reaches across the globe for much needed bear security for his roadside attraction."
"In Churchill's post bear attack, Dennis races to get a VIP client to polar bears before Conservation scoops them up, while Kelsey wrestles to protect an overzealous photographer from an unpredictable cub with very protective mother."