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Sitcom about three desperate young men from the suburbs who try to get laid, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder in the big city - which just happens to be ancient Rome.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7.6

Season 5 - Plebs
"The boys gate-crash a posh banquet having received an invitation by mistake. Once there, Marcus attempts to win favour with their host, Senator Varus, whilst Jason seduces a bored aristocrat, Rufina. Banished to eat with the other slaves, Grumio overhears what he thinks might be a poison plot."
"Marcus offers to tutor Gloria's teenage son Barney, who's struggling at school, while Jason gives him coaching in his own specialist subject, romance. Grumio is mistaken for a schoolboy and soon finds himself recruited into the under-14s boxing team."
"The boys set off on a wine-buying trip to Tuscany. But when their cart has a collision on the road, they're forced to pull in to a nearby village. There, Jason hooks up with local milk-maid Calypso and Grumio develops a taste for foraged truffles."
Season 4 - Plebs
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Season 2 - Plebs
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