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Peter Gunn

Peter Gunn is an American private eye television series which aired on the NBC and later ABC television networks from 1958 to 1961. The show's creator was Blake Edwards. It was also directed by Boris Sagal, Robert Gist, Jack Arnold, Lamont Johnson, one episode by Robert Altman, and several others. A total of 114 thirty-minute episodes were produced by Spartan Productions. Season one was filmed at Universal Studios, seasons two and three were filmed at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Philip H. Lathrop and William W. Spencer were cinematographers on many episodes. Craig Stevens' wardrobe was tailored by Don Richards and Albright's fashions by Jax. The series is probably best remembered today for its music, especially the popular "Peter Gunn Theme", which won an Emmy Award and two Grammys for Henry Mancini and subsequently has been covered by many jazz, rock, and blues recording artists. The series was #17 in the Nielsen ratings for the 1958-1959 TV season. The series was nominated for 8 prime-time Emmys overall.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1958

IMDb: 8.3

Season 2 - Peter Gunn
"A baby is dumped outside of Pete's apartment with a note attached asking Pete to take care of the baby. When a woman is gunned down Pete believes that she is somehow connected."
"Walter C. Gerard is prisoner in his own house, his daughter has paroled criminal Frank Loomis who now lives in the mansion and runs the show."
"Gunn is hired by Mr. Copeland to find out who stole his antique crossbow and is using it to murder people."
"Nightclub Singer Julie Kent is murdered and the DA's son is the suspect, she also happens to be the ex-girlfriend of syndicate boss DeSantis."
"Eric gets himself a trench coat and a pretty secretary. Now he's ready to start his career as he bumbles his way around town and interferes with the police department he is called in by Janos Thorwald to bring in his easy mark of a son."
"A secretary has important papers that incriminate her boss and becomes frightened when attempts are made on her life, at least that's the story she gives Pete. The real story is that Lyles a bank robber offs two of his cohorts after looking for the key to the safe deposit book where the loot is."
"There is an assassination plot against the Governor, and Pete tries to find out who is behind it to stop the scheduled assassination. The plot is a ruse for something even bigger as Jacoby and Gunn find out."
"Pete is hired by Anthony Scott to locate Marion Venner who is blackmailing him after their affair ended. What he finds leads him to believe that the neighbor may have seen something and met with an unhappy demise."
"Paul Conlon, a school teacher, is grading papers at school when he hears a scream he goes to investigate and finds a dead girl. He hires Gunn to prove his innocence."
"Charlie Barnes is arrested for bank robbery and is cut a break to attend his daughter's wedding with Gunn as his watchman and then disappears."
"A little man with homemade bombs has been blowing up four or five gangsters at a clip. Now the mob boss' have hired Gunn to find the culprit."
"Ventriloquist Marvelous Marvon is found murdered after his act. Gunn is hired by Marcel Benoit to the find killer. Rinaldo his Dummy, turns out to be no dummy."
"Pete is hired by trumpet player Bud Bailey's wife, she is accusing him of wanting to kill her for the insurance money."
"Employee Arthur Cole accuses his boss of killing his wife and hires Gunn to prove it. There is a twist and it leads to the suspect being Cole instead."
"Someone is out to kill a former underworld boss, Joe Webber, back home after serving a lengthy prison term. Out of touch with the underworld, Webber hires Peter Gunn to find the identity of his would-be killer."
"Arnie Kelton musician and ex-convict, asks Gunn to investigate his wife's death."
"Actor Frankie Burns is murdered on the set of a new movie. Gunn finds out that the crime was committed to cover up an old crime."
"Two-thirds of this episode consists of a chase sequence without any dialog. Pete hears that he's marked for murder, but he refuses police protection. The killer finds Gunn alone in his apartment and forces him to take a nighttime ride into the desert."
"Gunn is "Sentenced" to death for the murder of a clerk, but he escapes jail."
"Cliffy, the blind newspaper vendor is afraid of Brenners who was convicted and escaped after his sentence has been given. He hires Pete to protect Cliffy from Al Brenners and his sidekick Springer."
"Getty hires Gunn to help him to stop drinking, his daughter that he hasn't seen in fifteen years is coming to see him tomorrow and he wants to be sober for her. He begs Pete, tells him he's his last hope."
"An escapee from a mental hospital gives the Mayor an ultimatum, either commit suicide or a bomb will be detonated at the Civic Centre."
"An attempt is made on Arnold Simpsons' life when he hires Gunn to find out who is blackmailing him. He tells Pete about a dig he was on with Frank Victor and how he abandoned him when the cave collapsed. Gunn is sent to the Blue Pheasant to pick up a parcel for Simpson and delivers it to him and is stunned when it goes off."
"Willie Coronado is found dead in the dryer of a laundry mat. He was one of the men involved in a daring bank robbery involving one million dollars. Louis hires Pete to find out who killed his partner and to cut a deal with the DA's office for his involvement."
"Nancy Fowler is murdered and Pete is hired to find out why. He finds that it's a setup for a bitter wife married to a wealthy older man to get his money."
"Dean Norse hires Pete to find out what is happening on the campus, the girls are terrified with lights flickering off every night and the ringing of the bell tower which hasn't rung in over twenty years as well as a mysterious presence."
"Matthew Dunaway is killed on a train and his briefcase is stolen. Gunn is hired by Lavinia to find a man she claims is her husband and to find what is in the briefcase."
"Two escaped convicts go after Peter Gunn, and the best way to do that is get his girl first."
"Some jewels have been stolen, and an insurance man named Nickerman wants to pay the thieves to return them. So he hires Gunn to contact the crooks."
"Janos Kolanski, an inventor goes to Pete for help. Apparently there is a faction after his plans, his invention a deadly rifle."
"Lt. Jacoby is kidnapped, Pete goes looking for him and finds suspects at every turn."
"Plainsclothes policeman Jay Madigan is found knifed on the docks near the carnival. Pete undercovers that the Shooting Gallery at the carnival is smuggling something in the dolls, heroin."
"Charlie Mays is on Death Row and his seventeen year old son is heading down the same old road as his dad. Charlie asks Pete for help in saving his son from himself."
"John Alastair is a desperate man and has a problem, he has hired Burnett to kill him but changes his mind. Unfortunately Burnett doesn't see it that way."
"Convinced that his wife is trying to kill him, comedian Danny Holland comes to Peter Gunn for help."
"A distraught father is worried about his daughter, Ellen Majeski, who did time for four years as an accomplice in a robbery. Now after her release she has disappeared and her father hires Gunn to find her. The twist is that her father died when she was 4."
"Bank Manager Poole places smoke bombs throughout the bank and then cleans out the bank."
"Two thugs selling protection, if you don't pay for protection, you're blown up and permanently out of business. Gunn is hired by Mother when she runs into problems with The Owl."
Season 1 - Peter Gunn