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Party of Five

Following his parents' tragic death, 24-year-old Charlie Salinger is back at home – and in over his head – as his siblings' legal guardian. Together, Charlie, 16-year-old Bailey, 15-year-old Julia and 11-year-old Claudia share the responsibility of taking care of 11-month-old Owen. Through it all, as they learn to run their parents' restaurant, manage disastrous relationships and school problems.
Season 6 - Party of Five
"Kirsten and Charlie find out that they are having a baby boy. Claudia and Bailey exchange their good news to each other. Julia wants to surprise the family with her news at the restaurant. At dinner, everyone announces that they all will be leaving San Francisco, but it results into a problem. Charlie convinces his siblings to leave San Francisco. And after six years alone without their parents, the Salingers decide to sell their family house. (THE END)"
"Bailey decides to go to Wharton Business School at UPenn in Philadelphia, but has a hard time trying to convince Owen to go with him. Claudia decides that she wants to go to Stansford instead of Julliard so that she is closer to home and Todd. Todd tells her not to give up an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Julia gets a job offer from the National Organization for Women (NOW). Daphne becomes miserable in Texas."
"A rival company is closing down, so Charlie and Bailey decide to take their clients. Suddenly, Mitch has a heart attack and Charlie decides to slow down the production line. One of the new clients offers Bailey a chance to get back to Business school. Mitch tells Charlie not to give up what they've worked so hard to built. He dies and Charlie thinks that it would be better to keep it a small company, so he can have more time for his family. Charlie asks Bailey to join him in the company. Julia has to decide what to do with her life. She is offered to be a speaker in a women conference, but turns down to get a new job as a columnist in a women magazine, where she has to write about futile things. Justin opens her eyes on what she is missing, and she decides that she should go to the conference. Bailey keeps pressuring Will and they have a fight. Holly decides to annul the wedding and move back to England, and Will decides to move back to college. Claudia is accepted for both Stanford an"
"Will keeps avoiding Holly, but Bailey is pushing him to move in with her. A reporter wants to do an article on Julia and her book, but when Justin shows up saying that he broke up with Laura just to get back to her, the reporter gives up. Claudia cheats on schoolwork so she can have more time for Todd, but later she feels guilty and Todd decides to study with her. Daphne misses her old times as a stripper and decides to take Kristen to hang out with her, and Kristen feels tempted to strip. When Charlie comes home, Kristen suggests a warm bubble bath. As she takes off her pants, a dollar bill falls, suggesting that Kristen may have stripped at the club."
"Will and Holly get married. The immigration inspector is investigating them. Adam comes back from Mexico and asks Julia to move back there with him. She decides to go but then give up. Claudia has a love dream about Todd, and she tries to make it come true, but it doesn't happen the way she wanted. Charlie wants to make some changes in the production and his manager quits. Will tries to learn more about Holly and starts to feel something for her. Kristen has a bleed and Julia takes her to the hospital. Claudia's dream comes true. Charlie and Kristen decide to tell everybody about their pregnancy."
"Julia sees Ned in the street, and that brings back memories about her past. Holly's student visa is locked and she has to get a greencard to stay in America. Claudia tries to help Victor with Ross, but he thinks that love should happen by accident. Bailey proposes to Holly. Griffin asks Julia not to see Ned. Daphne comes back for good. Julia goes to Ned's place and they have a fight. Bailey makes too many plans for the wedding and she freaks out. Ned tells Julia what happened to him since they broke up, and Griffin kicks him out of the house. Charlie gets Luke back for Daphne. Holly says she doesn't want to marry Bailey because she loves him. Claudia runs into Victor and Ross on a date. Will proposes to Holly to help Bailey. Julia publishes her book on the Internet and realizes she's not alone."
"Adam mysteriously leaves San Francisco. Bailey finds out more about life and gets interesten in economics. Todd leaves for New York to do a recording session. MEanwhile, a jealous Claudia meets an old boyfriend, now a model. Charlie buys furniture from Gus."
"When Bailey returns to Holly, her sister Fiona visits her and Bailey spend time with her to find out just what he wants to do with his life. Charlie seeks help from Bailey, because he has too much work. Bailey agrees later. Julia tries to get away from her writer's block by having sex with Adam. Claudia and Todd come closer."
"Bailey refuses to accept that he's ok. He wants to get help even tough he doesn't have drinking problems anymore. He realizes that he's only happy when other people are miserable. He makes up with Holly. Kristen is feeling weird at work and Charlie worries about her, fearing a depression, but the reason she has been an emotional roller coaster is because she's pregnant. Julia gets an email from Justin and decides to go to Vegas and stop him from getting married. Adam confesses his love to her and she decides to let Justin get on with his life, even tough he's not sure Laura is the one. Claudia gets mad at Todd because he doesn't pay attention to her, but he was just afraid of doing something wrong. She kisses him. Joe is tired of Charlie not trusting him anymore, so he decides to leave the restaurant, but Charlie asks him to stay."
"In this special episode, we, the viewers, get to take a look at what the Salingers' lives would have been like if their parents hadn't died. Claudia is a touring violinist, Bailey and Charlie become unsettled with their father and Julia is engaged to Justin until she meets a mechanic named Griffin, which sparks second thoughts."
"Charlie wants Diana to stay in San Francisco with him, but Daphne says she wants her in Texas with her. Julia and Justin go on a double date and exclude their dates, which makes Adam question Julia if she is really over him. Bailey and Evvie go to a party. They get drunk and sleep together. Julia tells Justin to think twice before getting married. Bailey finds Evvie passed out from drinking and takes her to the hospital. There he bumps into Holly. Julia tells Justin that she'll miss him. Bailey goes to Holly's and they fight. Charlie lets Daphne take Diana with her, and he and Kristen say goodbye to the baby. The girls find Bailey drunk, and he storms out of the house, crashing his car."
"Joe tells Bailey that he's been stealing money from the restaurant to pay for his divorce. Bailey covers for him taking money from his account to pay the others, but when Joe tells them, they want to solve the situation. Bailey meets a girl at na AA party, and she asks him to be her sponsor, and he says no because he's been having a beer for the last two weeks. Gus offers Charlie the factory. He talks to Kristen and decides to take it. Joe pressures Bailey to tell the others about his beer. Julia tells Adam she just wants to be friends with him and also says that but later he tells her how he really feels about her and kisses her. Daphne tells Charlie that she's moving to Texas and taking Diana with her."
"Bailey has a bad day. Both Charlie and Kirsten try to spend time together, but their jobs say different. Julia gets into trouble after she writes an article about a non-enrolled classmate. Claudia meets a boy from the past and learns more about her instinct in boys. A boy in school tells Owen that Victor is a faggot."
"A bully tortures Owen at school and Victor is ready to help him. Bailey thinks about how far should his relationship with Holly go. Julia and Claudia leave for a trip to visit some colleges. Luke moves in with Daphne. Kirsten goes on a surgery that could help her become pregnant."
"Bailey goes to a wedding with Holly and all her relatives think they're married. Julia's new editor hasn't answered her about her book, so she tries to find her and not just sit and wait. When she finds her, she tells Julia that another book with the same story of hers has been published, so her book won't be published anymore. Thurber, the family dog, is sick. Claudia takes him to the veterinary. Charlie and Kirsten are in a double date with Daphne. Charlie quits his job after his boss says no to his projects, but when they talk, he gets back. Bailey and Claudia decide to put Thurber to sleep, and the whole family spread his ashes in the park, saying goodbye for the last time to the long-time friend."
"Bailey continues dating Holly, a very interesting girl. They spend the night together and end up under the sheets. Griffin fells that he has a debt to the Salingers, now that they payed for his expensive hand surgery. Claudia tries to return to playing her violin, but gets upset when she finds out she's no longer the best. Charlie and Kirsten try to buy illegal hormones, but end up realizing they should get pregnant naturally."
"Julia decides to break up with Evan after she discovers his emotional-unavailability. Claudia gets drunk when noone reacts on Derek's problems. Charlie considers leaving his job and working at the factory. Bailey spends time dating a lot of girls and gets interested in Holly. Daphne and Griffin survive a terrible motorcycle accident and the Salingers are ready to pay for his expensive hand surgery."
"Charlie convinces Myra's mother to drop charges against him. Claudia decides to not report Derek's attack in order to deal with it. Daphne and Griffin get drunk and end up together. Kirsten is pregnant. Bailey continues seeing Tracy, while Julia gets closer to Evan and his son Brian."
"Bailey goes to a bar and almost drinks, but meets a woman named Tracy, who turns out to be married. Griffin sees Daphne working at a strip club. Bailey invites Will to move in. Myra keeps turning to Charlie for help, but when he reports her principal, Myra's mother claims that he was involved with her sexually. Julia wants to make her and Evan's relationship public, but he becomes very hesitant. Claudia finds out that Cameron got back together with Alexa. So she tries her luck with a football player. But when he gets her alone, he won't take no for an answer."
"Kirsten and Charlie are having difficulty with the regimen associated with trying to get pregnant. His effort to pay for vitro fertilization, leads to him getting a second job and he doesn't have time to tutor Myra anymore. Claudia helps tutor Myra and receives some helpful advice from her about her situation with Cameron and Alexa. Bailey decides to pay Sarah a visit in New York with Griffin and Will, but doesn't get very far. Evan and Julia finally sleep together. Daphne lies to Charlie about finding a new job."
"Victor turns the house into a haunted one for Owen on Halloween. Julia realizes that she has feelings for Evan. Charlie and Kirsten explore having their own baby. Bailey finds out that Will is back in San Francisco and is chauffeuring wrestlers."
"Daphne hires Victor as a nanny for Diana, and gets help job-hunting from Kirsten. Charlie counsels a troubled teen at work. Julia investigates her parents' relationship, which upsets Bailey. Claudia figures out that Cameron is attacking his friends on a web page. Sarah thinks she's found her father in New York and plans to meet him, meaning that she will have to leave Bailey."
"Charlie and Kirsten have a terrible honeymoon, but when they start to experiment sexually, they end up having a great time. Cody keeps pursuing Claudia, who turns him away. Bailey and Sarah are having communication problems, but are solving them by having sex. Joe tells Bailey about his separation from Frannie. Julia has writers' block."
"Bailey tries to plan a perfect wedding for Charlie and Kirsten. But when his plans fail, he tells Charlie to plan his own wedding. Kirsten's parents come to town, but aren't supportive of her the engagement because of Charlie and Kirsten's previously failed marriage in the past. Claudia breaks up with Cody after she catches him cheating on her. Sarah confronts Bailey about his anger towards her. After an editor offers Julia a book deal, she quits college and moves home."
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