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Partners for Justice

Baek Beom has worked as a forensic doctor for 10 years. He has a bad personality, but he is excellent with his work. Baek Beom does not open his mind to other people. Eun Sol is a rookie prosecutor with a warm heart. She has a bright personality and she comes from wealth family background. The forensic doctor and prosecutor work together to solve cases.
Season 2 - Partners for Justice
"The prosecution and the NFS keep working on finding out the real culprit who killed Cha Joo Hee and made it look like an accidental death. They continue to follow the evidence and end up suspecting more than two people as suspects."
"Everyone believed Cha Joo Hee died in a car accident, but according to Baek Beom’s opinion, her accidental death is now a homicide. And based on a chemical substance found in the female victim’s body, the female victim’s sister Cha Do Hee is now the prime suspect."
"The prosecution and the NFS continue to work hard to find out the truth behind the couple’s death. Through security camera footage and a background check on Cha Do Hee, the female victim’s sister, Eun Sol realizes that Cha Do Hee has fabricated the time of death of her sister."
"A married couple dies in two different car accidents almost at the same time. After their death, the bereaved families of the husband and the wife starts to fight over the inheritance. In order to find out the time of death of the two people, Baek Beom and Do Nam perform autopsies on them."
"Baek Beom starts to perform an autopsy on Kang Ah Reum’s dead body. Eun Sol pushes him to finish the autopsy before the trial ends. Meanwhile, Gal Dae Cheol attends the trial as the prosecutor and reveals a shocking video clip that shows what happened between Kang Ah Reum and Jin Sang Chul in the women’s restroom."
"Eun Sol goes to meet Baek Beom without knowing that he’s been taken hostage. Before she opens the doors of the building, she realizes that something is going wrong. Inside the autopsy room, Baek Beom finds out that who took the drugs among the thugs."
"Eun Sol continues to find more evidence related to the case and visits the female victim’s house. Meanwhile, two members of a gang are found dead, and Baek Beom is asked to perform autopsies on them. In the middle of the autopsy, unexpected guests visit Baek Beom and his colleagues."
"A female victim is taken to the hospital with seven stab wounds on her body. She says that her boss tried to kill her, however, the suspect denies all the charges against him. Prosecutor Eun Sol is in charge of the case, and at the trial, she encounters Doctor Baek Beom who comes to the court to provide his expert opinion on the stab wounds."