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Painkiller Jane

Painkiller Jane is an American-Canadian science fiction and action television series based on the comic book character of the same name. Airing on the Sci Fi Channel in the US starting April 13, 2007 and Global in Canada, it starred Kristanna Loken as the titular character. On August 15, 2007, it was canceled after one season of 22 episodes.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2007

IMDb: 6

Season 1 - Painkiller Jane
"Several dangerous Neuros launch a prison break after an emergency at NICO."
"Andre encounters a Neuro from his past that was chipped, but he learns that she has regained her abilities and she has a grudge."
"The residents of a small village are plagued by an invisible presence which is attacking and murdering the villagers."
"The team respond when several incarcerated Neuros revolt and launch a prison break."
"Jane discovers the disturbing truth about her abilities while searching for a Neuro who escaped the team."
"A Neuro causes the team to become stuck in a timeloop, causing them to relive the same day repeatedly. Meanwhile, the Neuro who caused the timeloop tries to finish an assassination."
"Jane seeks help from a Neuro after Brian (Jane's boyfriend) and Joe forget who she is, the Neuro has the ability to remove and store memories within his mind."
"Sabotage hinders Jane's efforts to catch a Neuro, she becomes suspicious of a faith healer that she has been visiting."
"Howie is a magician who can miraculously perform the impossible, which prompts Riley to begin an investigation into possible Neuro activity."
"An investigation is started after Neuros begin to die before the team can apprehend them."
"Jane and Connor go undercover in a small town, posed as a married couple, after a federal agent's disappearance prompts an investigation."
"Connor suffers a series of unfortunate events, believing it to be coincidental. However, he learns that members of his former police squad have died of strange causes."
"A young woman suddenly ages overnight, Jane and Maureen go undercover to find the cause."
"Connor is arrested for arson and murder while out hunting for a Neuro, which is believed to have started numerous house fires."
"Awakening in a hospital Jane learns that she murdered Riley. Meanwhile, Maureen investigates a doctor researching Neuros."
"The team investigate the suicides of individuals placed in witness protection and discover a Neuro who is capable of creating hallucinations."
"While investigating psychiatric patients who share the same unusual nightmare, Jane and Maureen suspect a Neuro has the ability to use nightmares as weapons."
"When inhabitants of an FBI safe house start to experience unexplained dreams and visions, Jane and crew must investigate potential Neuro activity."
"A Neuro who can see the future warns Jane and the team of their impending death on the day they arrest him. Meanwhile, the team is disturbed by the psychic's purchases"
"A Neuro with the ability to steal memory and knowledge preys on Riley putting the security of the entire operation in jeopardy."
"When military stockpiles start to go missing before a presidential visit, Jane and the team are forced into high alert. Meanwhile, Jane confronts a Neuro with the ability to control the dead."
"Jane Vasco with the help of a new covert government unit must track down and contain the spread of "Neuros," genetically altered humans with extraordinary powers."