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Paddington Station 24/7

With visitor numbers approaching 70 million every year, Paddington is one of the UK'so busiest transport hubs.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Jason Done


Country: UK

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.9

Season 2 - Paddington Station 24/7
"The big Easter getaway brings huge numbers of passengers and problems to the station, a team of 500 carry out a vast re-sigalling project, and Revenue Officer Moses keeps an eye open for anyone attempting to sneak through the barriers."
"The trains to the Cheltenham Races are standing room only, even in first class. Potential flooding at Cowley Bridge could cut off all of Devon from the networ. Emma uses thermal imaging to inspect the lines for defects from a helicopter."
"As Storm Eleanor strikes, a fly-away plastic bag causes a power outage trapping three trains, and in Hungerford a falling tree hits a Penzance bound service."
"A track circuit failure closes a platform which is used by high-speed trains, British Transport Police are out in force as rival Oxford and Millwall fans use the network, and a young man is seen on CCTV walking close to the edge of the platform."
"At Paddington, the early morning service from Swansea breaks down and causes major disruption during the morning rush hour. Meanwhile, the staff face further challenges with a string of medical emergencies at the station and sabotage on the tracks."
"A fatality on the line at Slough station means closing the station and the line, leading to a standstill. A Thai princess and her entourage are eager for a tour of the station. Thieves have robbed a scrap yard and used the railway track to get away."
"British Transport Police chase down a mysterious trespasser known as Spiderman. The Great Western Railway's top brass holds a naming ceremony for a new electric train, but the new route requires demolishing a 120-year-old footbridge in only 72 hours."
"Lost power between Didcot and Paddington causes problems. A truck strikes a railway bridge. A woman has a cardiac arrest at a ticket barrier. In the wake of the Salisbury nerve agent scare, containers of a unknown chemical found on board a train."
"Paddington's managers debate whether to close the station completely due to storms, something that has happened on very few occasions since world war II. There is excitement among staff as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle board a train to Cardiff."