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Our Friends in the North

Examines the politics and change across Britain from the Sixties to the Nineties seen through the varying fortunes of four friends.

Duration: 70 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1999

IMDb: 7.6

Season 1 - Our Friends in the North
"The year is 1987. Nicky and Mary are now married and living in Newcastle. However, whilst on a trip to London, Nicky has a brief affair with a young woman. Whilst there he is amazed when he bumps into Geordie, who is now living rough on the streets of London. Felix is admitted to a home. Meanwhile, Tosker and Elaine's lifestyle is under serious threat when the stock market collapses..."
"The year is 1984. The miner's strike is in full swing and Anthony (Daniel Casey), who is now a policeman, is fully involved in the struggle. Felix has started to develop Alzheimers, whilst Nicky is working as a photographer again. Tosker is now married to Elaine and his business ventures are doing well. Mary, who is now a qualified lawyer and Deputy Leader of the council, and Nicky become close again..."
"The year is 1979. Nicky has put himself forward as the Labour candidate in the general election but he faces tough opposition from Tory candidate Claudia Seabrook (Saskia Wickham) and her team, who intend Nicky's past actions to catch up with him. Nicky is living in the Willow Lane flats as is Geordie who has finally returned to Newcastle. Anthony, Tosker and Mary's son, is displaying behavioural difficulties whilst Tosker falls for a woman called Elaine..."
"The year is 1974. Geordie is released from prison having served a four year sentence. He tries to hunt down Benny but does not succeed in exacting his revenge. Meanwhile Nicky is back in Newcastle living with his parents. Whilst Tosker's business is becoming successful but his marriage to Mary is falling apart, especially now she that she is training to be a lawyer..."
"The year is 1970. Tosker visits Geordie in London and is given a loan by Benny. On his return to Newcastle he buys a shop. Geordie is becoming unhappy working for Benny. Nicky is also in London where he is living with Helen and their anarchist friends. They are busy planning some terrorist activities..."
"The year is 1967. In Newcastle, Mary and Tosker are having further difficulties with their marriage and life in the poorly made Willow Lane flats. Whilst Nicky has become a photographer and started dating a woman called Helen Windsor. In London, Geordie has become Benny Barratt's right hand man as he expands his nightclub and porn empire. Benny is involved in various deals with corrupt Met officers to keep the police off his back. Geordie is also living dangerously as he is sleeping with Benny's girlfriend Julia..."
"The year is 1966. Nicky is now working as Austin Donohue's PR man, but is unhappy with his work duties and Austin's ethics. Mary and Tosker are living in a hastily made tower block development built by John Edwards, a friend of Austin. Mary is unhappy in her marriage, whilst Tosker is trying his hand at a music career. Meanwhile in London, Geordie is working for Benny Barratt, a nightclub manager who also runs some sex shops. Barratt is having difficulties with the Metropolitan Police..."
"The year is 1964. Nick Hutchinson returns from America, where he has been involved in civil rights movements, to his parent's home in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. There he catches up with his girlfriend Mary Soulsby and his best mate Geordie Peacock. Geordie is keen that Nicky forms a band with him and his friend Tosker Cox. However, Nicky is more interested in taking part in the run-up to the 1964 General Election, helping one of his father's old friends, Eddie Wells. Mary tires of Nicky's lack of attention and becomes involved with Tosker. Geordie meanwhile gets a girl pregnant and decides to leave Newcastle for London..."