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Nurses Who Kill

The stories of some of the most prolific murderers and serial killers to walk hospital grounds across the globe. Often referred to as the ‘angels of the ward’ experts examine what turned these caregivers into killers.

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6

Season 1 - Nurses Who Kill
"New Jersey nurse Charles Cullen's victim count is believed to total as many as 300 people."
"Real crime. Grisly tales of nurses who go on to kill their patients. Victorino Chua was sentenced to life in prison after poisoning countless patients at a Manchester hospital."
"Real crime. Chilling series looking at nurses who kill their patients. Colin Norris targeted elderly patients by adminstering them unnecessary doses of insulin."
"Real crime. Chilling series looking at nurses who kill their patients. Niels H adminstered lethal doses of drugs to patients in order to later 'show off' his resuscitation skills."
"Dialysis nurse Kimberley Clark Saenz poisoned patients by injecting bleach into their bloodstream."
"German nurse Stephan Letter was tried over the murders of 29 patients, later stating that he acted to spare their suffering."
"Police were called in after a suspicious number of patients died while in Daniela Poggiali's care."
"Genene Jones worked in the paediatric intensive care unit of a Texas hospital."
"Benjamin Geen worked as a nurse at Horton General Hospital in Banbury, Oxfordshire. In 2006 he was tried and convicted of murdering two patients and causing GBH to 15 others but has always maintained his innocence."
"The series begins by examining the case of Allitt, a nurse on the children's ward of a hospital in Lincolnshire. She poisoned a string of young patients under her care over the course of 59 days in 1991, murdering four."