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Nirvanna the Band the Show

Two lifelong best friends and roommates are planning the greatest musical act in the history of the modern world.

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 10

Season 2 - Nirvanna the Band the Show
"In an effort to get onto the Rivoli's Band List, Matt and Jay pose as hackers and try to attack the Rivoli's mainframe. But Matt has ulterior motives."
"Matt forgets Jay's birthday and tries to make it up to him. Jay gets lost at Toronto's 4/20 festival."
"On Halloween night, Jay finds a cursed music book hidden in the house. In this fun but terrifying quest, the guys work together to have order restored."
"Jay attends a music industry party, leaving Matt home alone. While there, Jay makes a new (yet familiar) friend, and they cook up a plan to book a show at the Rivoli."
"Matt enters Jay into a video game speedrun tournament, planning to win their way to a show at the Rivoli. As the competition tightens, Matt secretly gives Jay an illegal edge."
"Matt and Jay decide that this time, they're seeing their plan through. This time, they're not giving up. This time, they'll book a show at the Rivoli."
Season 1 - Nirvanna the Band the Show