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My Liberation Notes

Three siblings, exhausted by the monotony of day-to-day adulthood, seek to find fulfillment and freedom from their unremarkable lives.
Season 1 - My Liberation Notes
"Mi-jeong meets her old club members to share stories of progress. Mr. Gu finds spurts of joy sprinkled throughout the day that make life worth living."
"When Mr. Gu's alcohol dependence becomes a growing problem, he seeks therapy of his own. Tensions rise between Tae-hun and his family."
"The family tries to cope with a tragedy. Chang-hee stays with his father. Mi-jeong deals with conflict at work. Gi-jeong makes a momentous decision."
"Mr. Gu is back in his element: keeping busy, making bank and at the top of his game. But every so often, he feels homesick for the life he once led."
"Mr. Gu gets a visitor from his past life. A sobering experience jolts Chang-hee back to reality from a short-lived dream car fantasy."
"On a particularly awful day for Mi-jeong, Mr. Gu provides her with the remedy she needs the most. Gi-jeong's friendly meal with Tae-hun takes a turn."
"Mr. Gu brushes Mi-jeong aside, but she sees straight through him — his guilt, his fears, and his habit of deserting happiness when it's within reach."
"Gi-jeong reflects back on her time with Tae-hun. Interestingly, shame is not the first thing she feels. The past comes to find Mr. Gu."
"Mr. Gu learns that he's been spotted by people he's been avoiding. Cho Tae-hun reaches out to Gi-jeong with a request."
"Mi-jeong hides the whole truth from the family as they come close to finding out about her debt. A couple of guests tune in to the club meeting."
"Chang-hee is offered an opportunity he cannot afford. Mi-jeong and Mr. Gu's unusual friendship blossoms, while making Gi-jeong uneasy."
"Mr. Gu's hidden talent gains Chang-hee's respect and attention. To prove the club's legitimacy, Mi-jeong keeps a record of her thoughts of liberation."
"A talkative co-worker drives Chang-hee to his wits' end. Mi-jeong's new club attracts attention. Gi-jeong encounters someone who keeps her up at night."
"Mi-jeong takes a break from her usual routine to avoid Mr. Gu. Gi-jeong confronts the male colleague who has hit on everyone else but her."
"Trying to keep bad news to herself, Mi-jeong forwards a letter to Mr. Gu's address. Mr. Gu, who’d been drinking his life away, finds something to do."
"After an eventful evening in the city, Yeom Gi-jeong, Yeom Mi-jeong and Yeom Chang-hee leave the day behind and take a long taxi ride back home."