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My Haunted House

The shocking eyewitness accounts of terrified people whose dream homes have become nightmares are brought to life in vivid, blood-curdling style on "My Haunted House". Told via gripping first person interviews and strikingly crafted re-enactments, each episode of this nerve-wracking new series tells two, compelling horror stories of people literally living in terror.

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 5.6

Season 4 - My Haunted House
"A couple is poisoned during their first night in their new home; a woman's home is plagued by frightening activity after her fiance purchases an antique."
"A birthday-party clown takes up residence in a family's home; Santeria practitioners curse a new member of a Miami neighborhood."
"Festivities turn to fear during a bachelorette party at a mountain cabin; a woman investigates the truth behind her son's elusive "friend.""
"A woman's recurring nightmare comes to life in her new house; a single mother fears for her son's life."
"A couple moves into a house deep in the woods; a recovering alcoholic must find out if her visions are real or related to withdrawal."
"A man lives in an abandoned bed and breakfast while he fixes it up; a woman seeks answers at the scene of a mysterious incident."
"A woman opens a dress shop in a Victorian home with a terrifying past; a man accepts a job at a remote gas station in the desert."
"A family returns from vacation to enter a nightmare; a woman unwittingly brings a relic from America's first serial killer into her home."
Season 3 - My Haunted House
Season 2 - My Haunted House
Season 1 - My Haunted House