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MXC is an American comedy television program that aired on Spike TV from 2003 to 2007. It is a re-edit of footage from the Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle which originally aired in Japan from 1986 to 1990. The re-edit created a new completely rewritten storyline, and new characters as a dub was added that centered on the game show hosts narrating the action as people tried to win points for their teams by surviving through different challenges. In the original program Takeshi's Castle, the characters Kenny and Vic are actually a count named Takeshi and his assistant creating challenges in order to fight off an opposing military leader and his troops. MXC was created and produced by RC Entertainment, Inc. in Los Angeles, California, and is the property of both Tokyo Broadcasting System and RC Entertainment. The special episode Almost Live is the property of Viacom International, which was filmed in the United States by the producers of MXC. In addition to this, MXC's distributor is Magnolia Home Entertainment. For the first two seasons, MXC was an initialism for the show's former title: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. Early commercials in 2003 promoted the show as just Most Extreme Elimination with the initials MXE.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2003

IMDb: 6.9

Season 4 - MXC
"Ishtar takes on fast cars as some of Hollywood's biggest box office duds take on NASCAR in this high-powered edition of MXC. Games include: Drop Dead Line; Muddy Runs; Chum in the Mouth; Battlefeltch Earth"
"Money takes on mediocrity on this MXC battle when multi-millionaires challenge those who have had their fifteen minutes of fame. Games include: Great Holes of Glory; Mudd Butlers; Ball Busters; Rotating Surfboard of Death"
"Bling bling takes on slashers on this edition of MXC. Also, Vic breaks up Kenny's raging hip-hop party and special guests from horror film "The Bloody Polyp", "Colon Mole" and "Fraudzilla" visit. Games include: Cheeze Squeezers; Runaway Stump; Dash to Death; Sinkers and Floaters"
"Rambo meets romance on this edition of MXC. Also, The MXC Players present "Thelma and Louise 2! The Musical!" Games include: Slippery Slope of Slanted Death; Tumbling Dominoes of Doom; Catch Hell; Log Drop"
"The oil and the legal briefs will fly when MXC brings out the TV car show buffs against the legal analysts for this all-out war. Also, Vic and Kenny drive through downtown Los Angeles shooting celebrities at will, and the MXC Players present "Crime And No Punishment". Games include: Sack Lunch; Wall Buggers; Little Man in the Boat; Brass Balls"
"The battle rages on as MXC brings together the bulked-up needle users and the throwing-up salad shooters when pumped-up hulks meet three-inch pumps. The MXC Players return with "Steroids to Heaven", and we are introduced to the new Miss Hawaiian Tropic Fever. Games include: Eat Shitake; Spit Ball; Irritable Bowl Syndrome; Log Drop"
"Howard Stern's freaky deaks meet those from La-La Land's twelve step programs when they meet on the MXC battlefield. Also, the MXC Players present "A Streetwalker Named Desire". Games include: Rotating Surfboard of Death; The Crate Escape; Sperm Whalers; Sinkers and Floaters"
"Get ready for a mean battle as MXC gets it on with a wrestling extravaganza as Total Nonstop Action goes against the other guys, as tight shorts and mock sports get it on! Games include: Wall Bangers; Door Jammed; Circle Jerkers; Boulder Dash"
"Big Bird takes on big bets when MXC brings together two of the most polar opposites in America: The kiddie playground of Sesame Street and the adult playground known as Las Vegas. Games include: Cruelette; Wall Buggers; Big Bird Droppings; Sinkers and Floaters"
"The Brads attempt to get the upper hand on the Jennifers in an all-star edition of MXC to kickoff 2006. Games include: Rotating Surfboard of Death; Pole Riders; Hand Job; Brass Balls"
"MXC celebrates the holidays - and the "008 Days of Bond" - with the battle between fans of Bond... James Bond and country music types. Games include: Endangering Species; Boulder Dash; Elimination Idol; Pole Riders"
"This one-hour special features a compilation of the funniest and most painful moments from MXC."
"MXC presents the goombahs and the game boys (and girls) in this battle. Games include: Backyard Bocci Ball Bloodbath; Dope on a Rope; Nerve Racketeering; Slabs of Death; Sorry-Wrong Number; Clear Sphere of Fear"
"In honor of Spike TV's relationship with the the Ultimate Fighting Championship, this special edition of MXC pits the ultimate fighters against the Wisteria Lane gang and their compadres of Desperate Housewives in the battle of the octagoners and the Eva Longorias. Games include: Take a Leek; Mudd Butlers; Sinkers and Floaters; Dash to Death; Log Drop"
Season 3 - MXC
Season 2 - MXC
Season 1 - MXC