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A cat-and-mouse series with a twist on the everyday whodunit, "Motive" centers on Angie Flynn, a detective on a backwards chase for clues to a killer that has already been revealed to viewers. The series, filmed in Vancouver, is an unconventional way to watch a crime unfold. Each episode begins by revealing to the audience, not only the victim, but the killer as well. The homicide detective then begins to piece together clues. How did they do it? How are the victim and killer connected? What's the motive? As the mystery unfolds, the audience navigates the twisted and complicated maze of each murder and solves the puzzle alongside Det. Flynn and her team.

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6.3

Season 4 - Motive
"Three years after a killer gets away, the team reunites to close the case."
"Angie races to catch a killer who is an expert at covering their tracks."
"A woman is murdered with what appears to be a medieval weapon."
"A woman is found nail-gunned to death. Angie embraces her relationship with Jack. Vega's frustrations force him to look for other options."
"The team goes on a hunt through the past to find the killer of a video game designer."
"Angie partners with an international agent to investigate the murder of a British politician's son."
"Angie stays with a soldier who demands justice by taking the bullpen hostage."
"The murder investigation of a suburban mom takes a turn when her child is abducted."
"A murder with a familiar signature could mean a woman was wrongly convicted of a crime."
"Angie and Paula investigate the murder of an ex-con. Vega faces his boundary issues with Dr. Rogers and Lucas."
"The team goes after a killer who is spreading a lethal pathogen across the city."
"Angie fills in as staff sergeant while investigating a football player's wife's murder."
"While Detective Angie Flynn and Staff Sergeant Vega adjust to his new role, the suicide of an officer with whom Angie and Detective Brian Lucas worked on a crime scene turns the team’s investigation into a hunt for a cop killer."
Season 3 - Motive
Season 2 - Motive
Season 1 - Motive