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Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm

Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm, known as Mortal Kombat: The Animated Series outside of the U.S., is a cartoon series based on the popular Mortal Kombat video game series. Produced by Threshold Entertainment and Film Roman, it aired on the USA Network's Action Extreme Team animation block for one season of 13 episodes from September to December 1996, back-to-back with those of the Street Fighter animated series. The show serves as an alternative sequel to the first Mortal Kombat film and takes a Saturday morning cartoon-style approach to the Mortal Kombat franchise, including the toning down of the violence.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1995

IMDb: 5

Season 1 - Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm
"The Defenders of the Realm are getting ready for the final battle with the forces of evil. For ruling all parts of the dark world Kittana reached an agreement with Sheeva's Warriors. But she doesn't know that she is in fact the cruel Shang Tsung who transformed to look like Sheeva. The good forces break into Shao Kahn's castle and demand that Shao Kahn hands over his rule to the princess. Suddenly Shang Tsung appears with warriors of the real Sheeva. The magician is also after the power the monarch chair. But Tsung forgets one thing, Sheeva has enemies withing the outworld forces. Raiden finds out Shang Tsung's plan and disturbers the fight. The god of thunder brings with him the worst enemy of Sheeva, Motaro's squad. Mortal Kombat continues, but the insurrection failed and The Earth is still in danger."
"Jax is tired of the endless battles and wants to leave. His friends try to dissuade him from this, but Jax insists on his decision. He leaves the squad and goes to the house of his dead grandfather. There he makes the acquaintance of a girl called Ruby. However, Ruby is one of Shao Kahn's agents. She tries to find out the location of Earth Warriors's base. Jax, who didn't expect any danger, now finds himself captured by Ermac's forces and is imprisoned in a cave under Shao Kahn's castle, where he was put for torture. Luckily, his friends know about these events and go out to help him. But the forces are not equal and Shao Kahn's troops and are surrounded by the evil forces. It seems that the destruction is inevitable, but at this moment Ruby decides to help the Earth Warriors. She leads the Earth Warriors through a hidden exit. Jax realizes that a peaceful life is impossible while the Earth is exposed to danger from another realm and returns to the team."
"Sonya and Sub-Zero go out to find out the plan of Black Dragons. Suddenly they are attacked and Sonya was close to death but she was saved by a former member of Black Dragon- Kabal. Years ago Kabal was one of the best warriors in his clan, but Shao Kahn thought that he was too dangerous and ordered to destroy him. By a miracle Kabal survived in his fight with the hired killers, but his face was vicously scarred. He puts on his mask again and begins a battle against Shao Kahn and Black Dragon. Kano and his servants make a Portal to lead the army of evil to other worlds. With the help of Kabal the earth defenders manage to crush these forces unleashed by Kano and to destroy the Portal. The Earth Warriors offer Kabal to join them but he chooses the way of a lonely warrior."
"This episode begins with a battle between Kitana and the Amazon Leader, a guard arrives in time and arrests Amazon, the battle interrupts, but Kitana knows that it will continue again some day. Many years ago the meanest enemy of princess returns. In the past, the Amazon managed to find one of the two Swords of Ilkan. The connection of these swords has big destructive force and it's possible to open portal with it to other worlds. To get to the second sword Amazon Leader takes Jax as a hostage and Kitana with Sonya have to go to planet Ilkan to save their friend. They defeate the gigantic guard and take the sword, but Kitana decides not to give the mortal arm to people with dark feelings. The unfinished battle continues and this time the princess wins. The swords of Ilkan are now in the hands of defenders of good."
"Shao Kahn resurrects Shang Tsung and entrusts him the sphere controlling elements of the nature (fire,wind,water and earth). Shang Tsung is the most suitable person to possess the sphere, because the more malicious the master is, the stronger becomes the magic of sphere. The old enemy of good organizes different natural disasters and weakens Raiden. Warriors of Earth being entrapped, nobody can help the God of Thunder. Thus, he is the one who has to decide the fate of the world. But the good, even thought it grew weak, becomes stronger than the evil, strengthened with forces of magic. Having defeated Shang Tsung, Raiden sends the sphere to Netherealm."
"Quan Chi finds a magic crystal with which he is able to awaken all the evil in a human soul. Using it, the magician influences on Earth Warriors and makes them hate each other. The Earth is now out of any defence, and would be conquered by Quan Chi, if not for Nightwolf who escaped the crystal's influence. It's Nightwolf who's fate is to destruct evil crystal and to ruin Quan Chi's black magic."
"In a battle against Shao Kahn's warriors, Sonya behaves herself too self-confidencely. As a result Stryker is seriously wounded. Stryker decides to relieve Sonya of her command because he thinks she can't lead the team. In a next attack they leave on to a base together. The serious ordeal on stability in the form of the Kintaro's detachment is where Sonya takes back her command and rewins Strykers thrust."
"When Kano creates unnatural holes on earth with the purpose to torment the defenders the Earth Warriors know that the Black Dragon is back again. Nightwolf uses his magic force to find out the place where the black dragons are. Their shelter is hidden under an Egyptian pyramid. When the Earth Warriors arrive there, they encounter and defeat the mummie-guards. Then the struggle with Kano begins, who had already lost a earlier fight with Sonya in the first Mortal Kombat tournament. He again loses the fight, Kano tells them that the pyramid is rigged with explosives, but the Earth Warriors escape the pyramid just in time to escape that explosion."
"Sub-Zero goes out to meet with his friend Smoke, who unexpectedly returns after being gone for many years. Sub-Zero and Smoke were the best friends before the chief of the Lin Kuei clan gave the order for automation of the Ninja's. Sub-Zero managed to run from this, but Smoke was arrested and got the cybernatic body. Now Sub-Zero wants to know if his old friend still has the soul of a man or if he became only a machine for murder. Smoke's orders are to annihilate Sub-Zero and the icy warrior is trapped. His true earth friends come to help him and begin the battle with forces of Lin Kuei. Smoke's soul was still in his automated body and gets the upperhand, now he finds himself fighting along with his friend Sub-Zero once again. They go after the leader of Lin Kuei, who possesses the ability to be transformed in animals, but the strong duo of the ninjas dont give up their chances of the victory. They defeat their ontime leader and Smoke says goodbye to Sub-Zero and disappears again, pos"
"A strange energy emission in New Guinea leads the Earth Warriors to Rain, an old friend of Kitana. He informs them that Shao Kahn is seeking a powerful weapon hidden in a sacred temple. The Earth Warriors ready for battle before it's too late, only to discover later that Rain is a traitor and has kidnapped Kitana."
"A new dangerous enemy of earth, creatures of a strange reptilian race appear before the earth warriors. During the attacks that followed the acid of one of the reptiles hits Jax's cybernatic hands. As a result of it the important microchip gets lost and his hands don't function anymore. Because of this Jax loses his selfconfidence. Sonya returns to the place where battle was fought to find the microchip and help her friend. However a reptile manages to kidnap Sonya. Because there are also other battles to be fought, the Earth Warriors decide to split up: the larger part of the team take of to a kombat with Sheeva's warriors, as for Jax , he starts his search to find his partner, Sonya. In his desire to help Sonya, Jax forgets about cyber hands and defeats the reptile on his own. At the same time the rest of the warriors manage to win their battle too."
"In the mountains of Tibet in an ancient tomb is hidden, whith which one can gain access to other worlds. Scorpion aims at getting there in order to organize the army of dead warriors and to invade the earth. To prevent this, Sub-Zero challenges Scorpion to a kombat, but scorpion appears to be stronger than he. The next earth warriors that fights Scorpion was Liu Kang who manages to defeat the dead ninja and blast his plans for the world domination."
"The first episode begins with a fight between the earth warriors and a group of cyborgs led by Cyrax and Sector. Just as the Earth Warriors were about to be defeated by their attackers, Sub-Zero appeares and helps the defeat the cyborgs. Sub-Zero is not pleased with his clan and decided leave it and join the forces of good. When returning to the base, the earth warriors are attacked by the forces of Shao Khan. The earth warriors think that they want revenge for Sub-Zero's betrayal to his clan. Right after the battle it became clear that Sub-Zero got a spy transmitter was set up on his body which was why the outworld forces found and attacked them. At that time an alarm was heard announcing the attack of Scorpion and kombat begins again."