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Morocco: Love in Times of War

Oblivious to the strife that awaits them, a group of young nurses from Spain's upper class head to war-torn Marocco in 1921 to help where help is needed. Many lessons in love and life are learned before they overcome deepest conflicts, grow as human beings and find out what they really want from life and whom they truly love.
Season 1 - Morocco: Love in Times of War
"Susana's mother tells a lie to keep Fidel in Melilla. Pain forces Carmen to undergo a biopsy, while postpartum fever leads Raquel to act dangerously."
"Fidel is forced to choose between Julia and Susana. Magdalena decides her future, but faces an unforeseen consequence. Raquel delivers her baby."
"Julia and Fidel are unable to keep their secret under wraps. Andrés suspects the army of financial corruption. In Madrid, Magdalena breaks her news."
"A captive Julia and Fidel spend a night together as if it were their last. Magdalena decides to return to Madrid. Verónica gets a surprise visitor."
"Two deaths, including a nurse's, shatter the field hospital staff. Daniel behaves as if he never got Marga's letter. Alejandro tries to woo Pilar."
"A delirious Magdalena rambles on to Larbi. Fidel is permitted to open a field hospital at the front. An unusual new patient takes a fancy to Pilar."
"A mortally injured Román is found on the steps of the hospital. When Ahmed falls ill with meningitis, everyone in the hospital is quarantined."
"Pilar overhears Raquel making a confession to her father. The queen visits Melilla and decides Carmen's future. Fidel declares his feelings to Julia."
"Magdalena writes Daniel a letter. Verónica pulls a stunt to get Pedro out of jail and in the OR. Julia and Susana await news of the rescue mission."
"Carmen's illness suddenly becomes life-threatening when she's caught in an ambush. Recovering in the hospital, Andrés's prison buddy recognizes Julia."
"Julia, Larbi and Pedro face the consequences of their actions. While visiting Larbi's home, Magdalena is overwhelmed and alarmed by strong feelings."
"Emotions runs high when Pilar and Luis find themselves stranded. An injured Cmdr. Silva is brought to the hospital, where Pedro accuses him of treason."
"A duchess leads a group of high-society Madrid women to Melilla during the Rif War to open a hospital and nurse the wounded amid rough conditions."