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Model Squad

Supermodel friends explore careers, life and love in the Big Apple.

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 3.2

Season 1 - Model Squad
"Devon invites the entire squad on a girls' trip to Miami; residual tensions from the stay-cation threaten their weekend in paradise; Heath plots a life-changing surprise; Ping confronts the next phase of her career."
"Hannah and Conn travel to help with hurricane relief on the island of St. Thomas, where Hannah finds the situation more personal to her than she expected; Caroline and Heath try to convince her dad that they're mature enough to get married."
"While attending events during Paris Fashion Week, Olivia tries to keep her sanity as the pressure of life in the modeling industry begins to break her down; Shanina plans some down time for the girls when they get back to New York City."
"On the heels of their trip to his childhood home in Mississippi, Heath plans a bold move to win over Caroline; Olivia takes a whirlwind east coast trip home for business; Ping tests the dating waters."
"Caroline accompanies her former football-player boyfriend Heath on a whirlwind trip to his hometown in Mississippi, but finds herself in a hotbed of wedding pressure from his family; newbie Ashley gets some career advice and learns to hustle."
"Influencer Olivia Culpo sets her sights on a runway debut, since sitting front row at New York Fashion Week isn’t enough for her; Devon looks beyond modeling and on to acting, at the potential cost of her relationship with her boyfriend; and Ping struggles with her insecurities in an industry that prioritizes youth over experience."
"LA-based model, Ashley Moore, moves to NYC to expand her career as her girlfriend Caroline Lowe balances work with her model boyfriend, Heath Hutchins; and Olivia Culpo recovers from a rocky test shoot that leaves her spirit broken, wondering whether her dreams of being in Sports Illustrated will ever come to fruition."