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Mission Hill

Mission Hill is an American animated television series that ran on The WB from September 24, 1999, to July 16, 2000, and on Adult Swim from July 14 to August 11, 2002. Although 18 episodes were planned, only 13 episodes were produced. The show was put on hiatus by the WB Network after two episodes due to poor ratings. It returned to the WB in the summer of 2000 but was canceled after four additional episodes. The show went on to develop a cult following, thanks to repeated airings of all 13 episodes on Teletoon's "Teletoon Unleashed" block, Cartoon Network's popular late night programing block, Adult Swim and Too Funny To Sleep, a late night programing block on TBS. Mission Hill was formerly known as The Downtowners, although MTV's production of the similarly titled Downtown forced a name change. It has also been popular outside of the United States and Canada, receiving broadcasts in Australia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Spain and New Zealand. Stylistically, the series is recognizable for its bright, neon color palette, and features a peculiar mixture of modern animation and traditional "cartoonish" drawings.

Duration: 25 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1999

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Mission Hill
"Kevin discovers that, before they were a couple, Gus directed Wally in a grade-Z science fiction film way back when -- which haunts Wally to this day."
"When Kevin is down in the dumps, Andy plans a big birthday party for him -- only Kevin isn't very grateful. Meanwhile, Carlos and Natalie get a new pet. A boa constrictor."
"A teen starlet invites Andy to the Grammys. Meanwhile, Toby is ""chased"" by a rabid dog. And Posey decides to go on a spiritual journey to find nirvana. And we don't mean the music group."
"Kevin asks out the weirdest girl in his school, Eunice Eulmeyer, because she's the daughter of a well-known scientist, and he thinks the guy could write him a good letter of recommendation for college. Meanwhile, when Andy and company get refused entry into a new nightclub in town because they're not cool enough, they start up their own bogus nightclub -- and refuse to let the cool people into it."
"Andy signs up for The Real World, planning to play the Puck character to show Mission Hill what a crock it all is, but once in the house, he finds himself under MTV's spell."
"Andy is first pressured to go to Kevin's parent/teacher conferences, then is pressured to join the PTA by Toby's mother. During the whole ordeal, Andy has the hots for Kevin's teacher."
"Andy still hasn't found a job after two months -- not that he's exactly looking for one. His learning about Jim's previously secret career pushes him to become more motivated."
"Ron's shady dealings with the I.R.S. force the closing of the waterbed store. When Andy is unable to hold down a new job, Kevin goes to Ron in hopes of getting unemployment benefits for his brother."
"Unable to handle rejection, Andy accepts Ron offer for assistant manager. Meanwhile, Stogie begins eating the living room couch when Andy neglects to buy dog food."
"Kevin, Toby and George seek to cheat on their SATs. Meanwhile, Posey goes into business as a masseuse, but her poorly-worded ad doesn't land her the kind of customers she was hoping for."
"Andy and Kevin battle it out for the affection of George Bang's sister. Meanwhile, Gus and Wally have a falling out."
"Kevin is racked with guilt after he accidentally burns the local market while touching himself in its bathroom, and two of his mean classmates who were robbing the store at the time take the fall for it. Meanwhile, Jim inadvertently becomes a trendsetter when he returns from Japan wearing Day-Glo hot pants."
"Andy's parents stick his nerdy, little brother, Kevin, on him -- which poses quite the threat to Andy's slacker lifestyle. Meanwhile, Kevin is torn between his desire to rat on Andy and his desire to cease being a nerd."