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Miles from Tomorrowland

This intergalactic adventure charts the outer space missions of young adventurer Miles Callisto and his family – mom and ship captain, Phoebe; mechanical engineer dad, Leo; tech-savvy big sister, Loretta; and robo-ostrich pet, Merc – as they help connect the universe on behalf of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.
Season 1 - Miles from Tomorrowland
""Unexpected Ally" - Gadfly helps the Callistos locate stolen space equipment. "Skyrise" - Miles and his friends must act quickly when a new space elevator malfunctions."
""Miles vs. The Volcano" - The Callistos search for Phoebe's missing sister Frida and must rescue her before Mars' volcano erupts. "Scavengers of Mars" - A scavenger hunt turns into a rescue mission when Miles' friend disappears."
""A Growing Problem" - The Callistos must use robots to save a planet from an invasive species of moss. "The Tardigrade Escapade" - The Callistos launch a search and rescue mission when a massive tardigrade escapes Dr. Rubicon's lab and gets lost in space."
""Blasteroid" - The Callistos discover a tiny race of creatures living inside an oncoming asteroid. "Magnetic MERC" - M.E.R.C. becomes magnetized after getting stuck in an interstellar dust cloud."
""The Search for Skellig Ro" - Miles and Loretta meet Master Skellig Ro, a legendary guru in the martial art Naxos "Endangered Species" - The Callistos must find a way to save a group of creatures that fight against them."
""Lunar New Year" - Miles' grandparents join the Callistos to celebrate the Luna New Year. "The Hoverbike Diaries" - Miles is invited to go on his first hoverbike road trip with Leo and Captain Joe"
""Frozen Food" - When the Callistos' have dinner at alien chef Lysander Floovox's new restaurant, their meal is interrupted by Gadfly Garnett. "Later, Multivator" - Miles attempts to follow in his dad's footsteps by modifying the Stellosphere's multivator."
""Yuri's Night" - On Yuri's Night, the Callistos are tasked with bringing alien musician Bootjet Groovestar to the Tethoscape. "I, Stella" - When Stella's system experiences a technical malfunction, Miles must figure out a way to fix it."
""The Neptune Adventure" - During a field trip to Neptune, a malfunction causes the research station to flip over and sink. "Eye to Eye" - The Callistos encounter Spectryx, an alien who can only see in the infrared spectrum."
""Mama Merc" - Miles must help his family when a giant winged creature mistakes the Star Jetter for its egg. "Space Race" - Miles learns a lesson in sportsmanship when he enters the Tomorrowland Pilot of the Future race."
""Unplugged" - When the StarJetter crash lands on an uninhabited planet, the Callistos must survive without the help of technology. "Junked" - The Callistos must track down the culprit responsible for dumping trash into the orbit around the planet Alarbus."
""Adventures in Robot-Pet Sitting" - On a mission to transport robo-animals to their new families, the Callistos hit a road block on the Tethosphere. "The Great Blastboard Chase" - Miles borrows Leo's Blastboard without permission and discovers an alien dinosaur."
""On Spaceguard" - Miles goes on a ride-along with his uncle, Captain Joe of the SpaceGuard, and finds himself in pursuit of space villain Gadfly Garnett. "Spaceship Invader" - Miles brings home a fuzzy rock to add to his collection and soon learns it is actually an alien life form."
""To the Goldilocks Zone" - Miles helps scout out the perfect planet for his Earth friend Haruna to live on. "Hiccup in the Plan" - The Callistos must figure out how to escape when a giant Sporjot alien swallows the Stellosphere."
""Ride of the Quarkons" - The Callistos encounter a pod of Quarkons blocking the Photon Superhighway. "Downsized" - When the Callisto family is accidently shrunken down by the Tomorrowland Mail-alien, the tiny family must work together to help Merc save an off-course starship."
""Happy Captain's Day" - Miles, Loretta and Leo try to give Captain Phoebe a great Captain's Day by embarking on a difficult space task. "Planet of the Plants" - During a mission to Antheia, a planet completely covered with orange plants, the Callistos discover something stranger than the plants."
""Who Stole the Stelloshpere" - When space thief Gadfly Garnett sneaks onboard the Stellosphere and blasts away with Miles and M.E.R.C. still inside, Miles' UNCLE Joe, captain of the SpaceGuard, comes to the rescue. "Rock N' Roll" - When a moonquake traps the Callistos behind a rockslide, Miles must use his strength-enhancing Exo-Flex suit to save them."
""Catch That IOTA!" - Miles' attempt to fix Leo's latest gadget sends a diplomatic dinner into complete chaos. "Mighty MERC" - Merc worries that his place with the Callisto family is threatened when they try out a new robot named Axel."
""Journey to the Frozen Planet" - During a mission on an ice-covered planet, Miles must save Loretta when she is swept down a river towards a waterfall. "Attack of the Flickorax" - When the lights go out on the planet Calpurnia, Miles and Loretta must protect their ship from light-eating Flickorax aliens."
""Game On" - When the Callisto family is captured by an alien queen, Miles must rely on his simulated gaming skills to save them. "How I Saved my Summer Vacation" - While vacationing on the dry planet of Alarbus, Miles and Loretta uncover an ancient secret."
""Ocean in Motion" - Miles and his family must figure out why a probe stationed on a dry planet has sustained water damage. "Explorer Exchange" - The Callisto family is visited by alien Blodger Blopp as part of a Cosmic Explorers exchange program."
"“Runaway Shuttle” – Miles and Merc rescue a trapped pilot before his ship crashes into Jupiter’s fiery moon, Io. “Surfin’ the Whirlpool” – On a father/son surf trip, Miles and Leo must work together to escape the Zuma Whirlpool."