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Marry Him If You Dare

In the broadcasting world, writers report news of things that have already occurred or are unfolding: they tell it like it is, without any control over transpiring events. 32-year-old news writer Na Mi Rae is the exception to the rule: she meets her future self who wants to change the events of her present life, namely advising her younger self not to marry news anchor Kim Shin. With this in mind, young Mi Rae pursues a vastly different path in life, one full of hopes and dreams. But what’s news to Mi Rae is that when you change even a small part of history, all of history changes along with it.

Duration: 65 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7

Season 1 - Marry Him If You Dare
"Kim Shin must choose whether or not to report on an issue that may bring about his downfall Future Mi Rae "predicted"."
"When Future Mi Rae learns that her attempt to change her future is futile, she regrets separating Kim Shin and Mi Rae; however it may be too late to get them back together."
"Mi Rae attempts to get closer to Se Joo after giving up on Kim Shin. Future Mi Rae prepares to return to her time."
"Se Joo reveals his true identity to the entire company. Kim Shin considers an offer for an anchor position with NTN Broadcasting in order to stay away from Mi Rae."
"When Kim Shin finds out about his future with Mi Rae, he begins to distance himself from her."
"Mi Rae runs into trouble during her undercover job at the bar. Joo Hyun tries to make sure Mi Rae stays away from Kim Shin."
"Mi Rae tries to find a more specific goal for her future. The entire broadcasting team goes on a trip with award money from reporting the subway incident."
"Joo Hyun tries to convince Mi Rae to go to another broadcasting station in order to keep her away from Kim Shin."
"Things are awkward between Mi Rae and Kim Shin until they're forced to work together overnight in a haunted house."
"After the subway incident, Kim Shin and the broadcasting crew decide to try creating a completely new show concept. Se Joo prepares a special event for Mi Rae with Yoo Kyung's help."
"A large scale attack on the Seoul subway system gives Mi Rae and Kim Shin the chance to save a hundred people - and hit the highest viewership ratings for their show so they wouldn't be relocated."
"Future Mi Rae's attempt to get Kim Shin relocated to New York backfires when Miranda has plans of her own."
"Kim Shin and Mi Rae both find themselves becoming attracted to one another after having ominous dreams about being a couple."
"Mi Rae meets her new rival, Seo Yoo Kyung, a reporter who's after both Kim Shin and Park Se Joo."
"Despite her warnings, Mi Rae finds herself at YBS Broadcasting Station."
"Na Mi Rae's fate changes when her future self travels back in time to convince her to change her life."