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Living Biblically

An adaptation of the non-fiction book by A.J. Jacobs, in which a man tries to live in accordance with the Bible's teachings as close as possible.

Duration: 20 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 3.3

Season 1 - Living Biblically
"Chip takes on his corporate bosses after being fired trying to get a fired co-worker rehired."
"Chip tries to persuade his unenthusiastic officemates to rebuild a house for charity."
"The "God Squad" warns Chip not to covet a journalism award that he and Vince are both up for."
"When Chip suggests that Leslie quit her job to stay home when the baby is born, she assumes it's his attempt to get her to submit to him based on a bible verse."
"Father Gene is jealous when he finds out that Chip attended Vince's Baptist church to see another side of religion."
"Chip and Leslie's patience is tested when they invite Rabbi Gil to stay with them after he discovers his wife is having an affair."
"Chip's mother-in-law, Diana, a scientist, spars with him about the power of prayer."
"Chip gets into trouble when he vows to stop lying about anything, regardless of the situation."
"Chip tries to find a loophole to "honoring thy father" when his overbearing dad surprises with a visit."
"Chip infuriates his colleagues when he decides to follow the commandment "Thou Shalt Not Steal" and begins returning office supplies he stole."
"After several sleepless nights due to loud neighbors, Chip asks Rabbi Gil and Father Gene for advice on loving thy neighbor."
"When Father Gene and Rabbi Gil point out to Chip that his addiction to his smartphone is the same as worshiping a false idol, Chip decides to stop using it, causing his wife, Leslie, and his officemates to worry about his whereabouts."
"Chip Curry is a modern day man at a crossroads in his life, who decides to live strictly in accordance with the Bible. A film critic for a New York Newspaper and a soon-to-be father, Chip wants to be a better man following the loss of his best friend."