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Legion of Super Heroes

Legion of Super Heroes is an American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation that debuted on September 23, 2006, and is based on characters owned by DC Comics. The series centers on a young Superman's adventures in the 31st century, fighting alongside a group of futuristic superheroes known as the Legion of Super-Heroes. The show was produced by its main designer James Tucker, a co-producer of the Justice League Unlimited series, for the Kids' WB line on The CW network. The series drew on the rich history of the Legion of Super-Heroes, taking inspiration from stories set during all time periods of the team's nearly 50-year history in comics. Continuity is internally consistent but is not shared with any previous incarnation of the Legion, either animated or in print. The series was cancelled after its second season.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2006

IMDb: 6.6

Season 1 - Legion of Super Heroes
"The Legion must turn to help from their greatest foes when they are unable to stop the Sun-Eater themselves. Meanwhile, Superman confronts the Sun-Eater's controller but even he may be powerless before the alien."
"The ancient organic weapon known as the Sun-Eater has been unleashed, and it lives up to its name. It heads toward Earth's sun and not even the Legion can stop it."
"At a moment of crisis, Cosmic Boy returns to lead the Legion, accompanied by a mysterious new hero."
"When a young sorcerer comes to Earth and wreaks havoc, particularly on a magic-vulnerable Superman, Phantom Girl must try to convince his elders to reign him in."
"When the Legion are tied up fighting a horde of creatures consuming the Earth's ionosphere, the rejects from the yearly Legion Auditions are the only ones standing between Earth and total destruction."
"Lightning Lad resigns from the Legion to join a new team, but soon finds himself caught in a conflict of interest when the two teams end up opposing each other."
"Brainiac 5 is forced to get ahead to lead two of his teammates to a planet where the only cure for his faltering IQ can be found."
"A Legion team is forced to take refuge in a derelict space station but are separated and begin disappearing one by one."
"Lightning Lad enters the Intergalactic Games and must compete against his greatest rival."
"Superman accidentally opens a portal to a phantom dimension, unleashing a teenager with powers that match his own who eventually traps the other Legionnaires there."
"Superman makes a new friend, Alexis, but his new chum soon becomes obsessive about having Superman as her only friend and not sharing him with anyone else...including the Legion."
"A scientist asks the Legion to help him capture what he claims is a dangerous creature, but both the creature and the scientist have a dark secret."
"It is the 31st century. A group of super heroes called the Legion of Super Heroes travel back in time to recruit earth's greatest super hero, Superman, to help fight the evil of their time. While their intentions were good, good intentions don't always produce good results. Instead of bringing back Superman, they retrieve a young Clark Kent from his farm in Smallville to the future."