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Land of the Lost

Rick Marshall and his children Will and Holly were on a weekend expedition rafting trough a river when an enormous earthquake diverts them to an eclectic alien world inhabited by dinosaurs, chimpanzee-like cavemen called Pakuni, and aggressive, humanoid creatures called Sleestak.

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1974

IMDb: 6.9

Season 3 - Land of the Lost
"The Marshalls get caught in the middle when a feuding soldier and Indian wander into the Land of the Lost."
"Cha-Ka's evil side is unleashed after being bitten by a beautiful beetle."
"The yeti goes on a rampage when the Marshalls disturb an ancient Sleestak statue."
"Will and Holly find a crystal that holds the key to time travel, which they must use to save Cha-Ka from certain death."
"A yeti comes to call when Holly stakes claim to its unicorn"
"A hot air balloonist crashes on the Land of the Lost and promises to bring the Marshalls back to civilization... though he only intends to return with their uncivilized friend Cha-Ka."
"A mysterious Captain tries to take Holly away on his flying ship."
"Stung by Torchy's poisonous tail, Will's fate hangs in the balance! Enik refuses to reveal the antidote unless the family rids the valley of the pesky fire-breathing dinosaur - forever. Soon Uncle Jack and Holly find themselves in a desperate race against time, one they all too easily can lose!"
"A runaway canoe sends Holly careening into the clutches of a mysterious young woman. "Meddy" implores the youngest Marshall to relax, to spend some time here in her garden admiring the remarkably lifelike statues . . . Will Holly realize her rescuer's true identity before it is too late?"
"Someone has been tampering with the crystal matrix tables . . . Soon solar flares are raging out of control. As the world withers and dies under the intense heat, an unflappable British visitor arrives with curious knowledge about the troubled realm."
"A mysterious pylon turns Will invisible! Perhaps this startling new power can enable him to free Enik - putting an end to the Sleestaks' foolish plan of unleashing the destructive powers of the orb and plunging the land forever into total darkness."
"A deadly fever strikes Holly just as the Sleestaks make off with the family's medical supplies! Enik insists that the thievery is warranted, that tribute must be paid to Malak - a new, all-powerful god. Can Uncle Jack outsmart the Cro-Magnon con artist with some modern "magic" of his very own?"
"Holly, Will, and Cha-Ka band together in the wake of devastating losses. Realizing that they now only have each other, the unlucky trio struggles to survive on their own until everybody's fortunes take a surprise turn for the better via a reunion with Uncle Jack!"
Season 2 - Land of the Lost
Season 1 - Land of the Lost