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The series is about a couple of rich teenagers from Munich who travel to Kitzbühel for the party of the year. And there is indeed a lot going on in the alpine town, from forbidden love affairs to family dramas.

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - Kitz
"As the friends face the aftermath of a harrowing night, Lisi navigates a tricky situation — and comes to a startling realization about the past."
"Reeling from revelations about his family, Hans urges Lisi to leak the video. Tensions erupt at Regine's fashion show — with explosive consequences."
"Lisi tricks Vanessa into filming an angry rant for a fake audition. With Hans' support, Kosh vows to change his ways. Dominik and Lisi grow closer."
"Lisi goes to a snowy photo shoot with Vanessa. Dominik faces pressure to figure out his future. On a downward spiral, Kosh winds up at Hans' farm."
"At a champagne-soaked brunch, Lisi learns a scandalous secret — and scores an invite for a spa day. Kosh tries to get back into Vanessa's good graces."
"On New Year's Eve, Lisi works at a posh party hosted by Vanessa, the rich girl she holds responsible for her brother's tragic death a year earlier."