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Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death tells the true, heart-stopping stories of love gone wrong. Vivid dramatization examines how initial feelings of excitement, desire and passion escalate into the most unthinkable acts of crime.

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - Kiss of Death
"When Brandon meets Amber at a motorcycle rally, he is immediately drawn to her pin-up girl looks and sassy attitude. Initially amused when Amber plans their wedding on 6/6/06, no one can imagine the road to hell that follows."
"Melissa is on the verge of a bright future when she meets her high school sweetheart, Robert Burton at a party. But when Melissa tries to pursue her ambitions, Robert becomes wildly possessive, and her teenage dream becomes a terror-filled nightmare."
"19 year old Kristi falls in love after a blind date with 32 year old Steve. Beneath Steve's sweet exterior, lies a dark monster who grows more controlling with each drink."
"Mario is a seasoned EMT when he meets Gina who works in the ER. Sparks fly and soon, the couple are married and living the life of luxury. But, after many years pass, the only way to keep up with the Joneses is bloody murder."
"Audrey meets Chris, NYC policeman, online. After meeting, she knows he will be the father of her children. But, Chris has secrets that will cause this relationship to go up in smoke."
"In the small town of St. Francis, Maine, when Amy Theriault starts a romance with handsome Jesse Marquis, it seems like a good match. But, what starts out as a fairy tale romance leads to unthinkable acts that shatter a family and shock a community."