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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil is an Emmy Nominated animated television series created by animator Sandro Corsaro, about a young boy named Clarence "Kick" Buttowski, who aspires to become the world's greatest daredevil. It became the fourth Disney XD original series and the first animated series. The show premiered on February 13, 2010, with two episodes airing the first day. Also the series premiered on Disney Channel Asia on May 28, 2010 There are two 11-minute segments per show. The show uses Toon Boom Animation software. There are also some 3D-animated elements. The series is executive-produced and directed by Chris Savino. and Sandro Corsaro. Many of the characters and situations were based on the Corsaro's childhood growing up in Stoneham, Massachusetts.
Season 2 - Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
"Kyle E. Coyote: In order to attend the Gnarly Games, Kick must track down Cousin Kyle, who has just consumed an entire case of Cheetah Chug. However, catching his energized cousin is easier said than done. Locked Out: After sneaking out of the house to see the new Rock Callahan movie, Kick arrives home to find that his dad has installed a new security system and must dismantle this extreme robot before his dad wakes up. Rocked: Rock Callahan portrays Kick Buttowski in an action-movie. In the movie, Rock-as-Kick must defeat the evil villain, The Dark One (voiced by Tony Reali), who threatens to take over Mellowbrook."
"Meathead Justice: After Kick saves the DiPazzi twins’ lives, they become indebted to him by their code of ethics. When they do not leave his side, he must go to extreme measures to get them out of his life, but the question here is who is in the most need of goons like the DiPazzi Twins? Bwar-Mart: Kick and Gunther break Magnus’s meat slicer the day before the annual Battlesnax Salted Meats Festival, so they brave an epic Viking department store, Bwar-Mart, to find a replacement. When they are trapped in the store after hours, they must find a way to escape before the wacky store manager makes them employees for life."
"Only the Loan-ly: Kick needs money to buy an awesome bike engine and convinces Brianna to let him borrow the money. When he can't pay it back in time, Brianna, with the help of her friends Madison and Abbie, becomes a loan shark and pushes her brother to make good on his promise. Roll Reversal: When Kendall inadvertently outdoes Kick at a Motocross stunt and claims to be “Mellowbrook’s Top Daredevil”, she is challenged to a rematch by Kick. Kendall agrees to only participate in an all-girl Roller Derby, so Kick and his friends must put on disguises in order to compete."
"Crumbs!: Honey entrusts Kick with keeping a batch of her homemade cookies away from Harold. Kick is sure it will be easy, but Harold will stop at nothing to get his hands on those cookies, exhibiting Kick-style determination. Stay Cool: Kick and Brianna break Dad’s air conditioner on the hottest day of the year, but Brad is blamed and grounded for the whole summer. Kick and Brianna agree to keep their blunder a secret, but Kick struggles with the mounting guilt."
"Big Mouth: Kick and Gunther become sidekicks to Mouth after they seek his help to attend a live TV broadcast. Last Fan Standing: Kick can't get a wink of sleep when Wacky Jackie and Cousin Kyle compete over who is his #1 fan and throw him a celebration in honor of his latest stunt."
"Brad's Diary: After Brad takes all his savings, Kick violates a newly founded brotherly-bond agreement when he decides to get back at his brother by stealing his diary. Sew What: When Kick’s grandma comes to visit, they have a blast together until she gives Kick a new jumpsuit for his stunt. Kick finds himself torn between making his grandma happy by wearing the embarrassing outfit or risk hurting her feelings by not wearing it."
"Say Cheese: After a dispute over the last slice of pizza had ensued between the Buttowski siblings, a precious item of their mothers is destroyed (her favorite picture of the three of them)."
"Bad Table Manners: A new big screen T.V. has shown up and with that Brad and Brianna are the first to make claims to the T.V. Harold makes them play ping pong to decide who gets control over the TV for a night (which is the way the Buttowski family used to settle things when Harold was younger rather than fighting). Brad and Brianna both have bad table manners with ping pong, but things start to get out of hand when Harold picks up a paddle, and now the only one who can stop him is.... Kick. Petrified!: Kick tells a scary story during a camping trip and then fears it may come true."
"Kick and Gunther visits Gunther's old country and he is mistaken for a viking warrior."
"Dad's beloved car is towed away, so Kick and Dad work together to get it back."
"Trash Talk: Kick is caught littering by Officer Irwin and is assigned highway clean-up duty, but a pesky rival makes Kick's job more harder. Nerves of Steal: Kick is framed for stealing his neighbors possessions and organizes a neighborhood watch to prove his innocents."
"Swap Meet : Kick lost his mothers anniversary present at a swap meet and must track it down before it's sold. Bee Awesome: Kick is recruited for the school spelling bee when Kendell gets food poisoning, and the Principal helps him prepare in through unusual training methods."
"Poll Position: To stop Kendall from winning a class election Kick gets Wacky Jackie to run against her, but he soon discovers it to be a mistake he'll regret. Will he be forced to choice between the lesser of two evils before Mellowbrook Elementary is torn apart? Jock Wilder's Nature Camp: Kick and Gunther go to nature camp and are paired up with two different counselors. While Gunther gets Jock Wilder, Kick is stuck with his overly cautious brother Larry Wilder."
"Kick must protect Ronaldo from danger until the school play of Romeo and Juliet or he will have to take has place."
"Free Gunther: Tonight only! A free BMX show. In their excitement, Gunther gets grounded. The only way for them to go together is for Kick to break him out. Attic-a: The boys and dad are trapped in the attic with no heat and no way out."
"A Cousin Kyle Christmas: It's secret Santa time at the Buttowski's! Kick gets Kyle as a secret Santa but when Kick has a change of heart he goes to great lengths to get Kyle the perfect gift. Snow Problem: When Kick causes an avalanche it traps the Buttowski family and Kick has to find a way to get them out before they get cabin fever and goes crazy."
"Bromance: In order to see a new movie Kick tags along on Brads date to make sure it goes well. K-Nein: Kick rescues a safety dog that stops him from doing stunts."
"Brad's Room: When Kick's room is destroyed he and Brad must find a way to live with each other until there dad can fix it. Dude, Where's My Wade?: A health comes to the Food n' Fix to inspect it, but when Wade goes missing it's up to Kick and Gunther to find him."
"Dead Man's Roller Coaster: Kick and Gunther find an abandoned amusement park, unaware that it may be haunted. Kick or Treat: Kick and Gunther tries to trick-or-treat at a creepy old mansion to prove it's not haunted."
"Sleepover: Kick and Gunther fight Brianna during a sleepover for control of the living room. You've Been Brad'd: When Kick tries to do an impossible stunt Brads nonstop pranks get in the way."
"Gym Dandy - When dodgeball gets banned at school, Kick tries out for the school's sports team but runs into trouble with Couch Sternbeck and her rules. Detained - A new vice principal comes out of retirement and serves Kick and his friends with detention."
"Kyle 2.0: In order to score tickets to Dirt Bike Mike’s Demo-Cross, Kick must spend time with Cousin Kyle. Kart to Kart: Kick can’t wait to take a spin around the track at “Go-Go-Go-Kart World,” Mellowbrook’s go-kart track owned by former champion racer Eddie Clutch (played by Carl Edwards). But when Gordie Gibble buys the track, he bans the Buttowski’s."
"Pool Daze : During a heat wave, Kick and his friends head to the Mellowbrook Community pool. But when lifeguards Shannon (Joanna Garcia) and Brad force Kick and his friends to stay in the kiddie pool, Kick leads his friends in a battle for freedom and fun. Live-in Wade : When Wade’s stepmom kicks him out of her basement, he is forced to live in the Food N’ Fix until Kick invites him to move in with the Buttowski’s. But Kick quickly discovers that good friends don’t always make the best roommates."
"Hand in Hand: Kick and Kendall's hands get stuck together from a rare cave sap. Luigi Vendetta: Fed up with Brad’s constant bullying, Kick enlists the services of Luigi Vendetta, who promises to ‘take care of’ Brad once and for all."
"Stumped Again: Kick promises to help Gunther and Billy Stumps with two important events, on the same day! Kick stays in the Picture: In order to get his picture on a billboard, Kick must enter an action shot of himself into a contest."
"Faceplant!: Kick is determined to survive Faceplant in order to win $50,000 dollars. Sold!: When Kick accidentally breaks Gunther's viking clock, he decides to put himself on auction in order to buy a new clock for Gunther."
"Kick spends a day with his grandpa and learns that he was a military spy."
"Switching Gears: Kick must tame a bike in time to win a race. Garage Banned: Kick creates a band in order to beat Brad in the Battle of the Bands and get the garage back."
"Clean... to the Extreme: When Kick accidentally breaks Gunther’s Dad’s prized Foosball table, he must complete a series of favors to replace it before Gunther’s Dad gets home. Stand and Delivery: Kick takes over the delivery services at Battlesnax. But when a faceless foe, known as ‘The Dark One’ threatens to destroy Kick’s perfect delivery record, Kick must defend Battlesnax’s delivery guarantee and deliver food in 29 minutes or less."
"Kickin' Genes: Kick and Gunther discover that Kick's mother was once a daredevil called "Honey Splash". Clothes Call: Kick's mom takes him to the mall to buy a suit for a wedding."
"Mow Money: Kick and Gunther fight over the last ticket to see their hero, Rock Callahan, live on stage. Love Stinks!: When Brad gets a new girlfriend called Kelly, Kick soon finds out she is just using him for a cheer leading stunt."
Season 1 - Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil