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Kat & Alfie: Redwater

Kathleen and Alfie Moon arrive in the sleepy Irish village of Redwater on a quest to find Kathleen's long-lost son Luke, who was given up for adoption to an Irish family 32 years ago. EastEnders spin-off series.
Season 1 - Kat & Alfie: Redwater
"Bernie pieces together the truth about Lance's death. Agnes shuts Peter down when he threatens her. Alfie is left fighting for his life. Kathleen discovers Dermott's secret."
"Eileen is shaking up the Bryne's family with her plans for Cois Dara. Dermott confronts Peter with the truth. Alfie realises he has to seek treatment."
"When Keiran is forced to face his fear of water, past memories flood back about the night of the boating tragedy."
"Agnes organises a memorial BBQ. Family tensions rise as Eileen realises how much she and Keiran have missed by moving to the US. Should she stay in Ireland, and how will this affect life on Bryne Farm?"
"A death in the village has huge ramifications for the wider family, and with Kathleen's only ally now dead, will anyone ever help her to find out the truth about her son?"
"Kathleen and Alfie Moon leave behind Albert Square to travel to the sleepy Irish fishing village of Redwater in search of Kat's long-lost son. They uncover a secret the villagers would have preferred to remain buried."