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Jeff & Some Aliens

Based on the recurring TripTank sketches, Jeff And Some Aliens follows Jeff, the world’s most average guy, and the three aliens sent to study him to determine whether or not humanity should be destroyed. Jeff’s mundane life is constantly thrown into chaos by his extraterrestrial guests – it isn’t always easy having roommates who force you to participate in grueling intergalatic decathalons or perform Azurian honor killings to restore interstellar balance
Season 1 - Jeff & Some Aliens
"The aliens try to help Jeff find his soulmate by running simulations with miniature clones. Jeff's chances with one prospect are thrown into jeopardy when her doppelganger escapes."
"To save the Earth from destruction, Jeff must win Linda's love within 50 days."
"Jeff feeds his childhood best friend a mind-altering chemical in order to reignite his youthful sense of fun."
"While the aliens are away on vacation, Jeff accidentally uses a device that gives everyone on Earth his exact personality traits."
"Jeff becomes a brash, confident businessman after he uses an alien device to alter his memories."
"Jeff accidentally hands the Earth over to alien conquerors with a voracious appetite for smoothies."
"To save his father's life after a car crash, Jeff begins using an alien device that harnesses the healing power of laughter."
"Jeff goes undercover among a group of preteen girls to convince his niece to pursue her artistic dreams."
"Jeff trades his life energy in exchange for luxury items that he uses to impress his ex -- but things quickly spiral out of control."
"After Jeff inadvertently murders an alien on the planet Azuria, he is forced to kill a human on Earth in order to prevent an intergalactic war."