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Iron Chef: Mexico

Rising talents participate in this cooking competition against three of Mexico's finest chefs to win the mythical katana and become the Legendary Chef.

Genre: Reality-TV , Game-Show , Reality



Country: Mexico

Duration: 50 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 2

Season 1 - Iron Chef: Mexico
"One hungry challenger and three Iron Chefs. The mythical katana is on the table. The most epic cooking battle is about to start in Kitchen Stadium."
"Iron Chef Roberto Solís battles two challengers in a war of desserts. But there's a catch: the chefs must use the two hottest chili peppers in America."
"Chef Claudette Zepeda and Iron Chef Francisco Ruano face off in an intense vegan duel using jackfruit — without shedding any blood (human or otherwise)."
"Iron Chef Gabriela Ruiz and Challenger Chef Claudia Albertina Ruiz face off in a creative but competitive gourmet street food fight using tasty cacao."
"Slimy yet satisfying! Challenger Chef Diana Dávila and Iron Chef Francisco Ruano clash in this thrilling duel using a creepy, crawly ingredient."
"Can Mexican and Japanese cuisines be harmoniously mixed? Chef Adria Marina and Iron Chef Roberto Solís will remove any doubt using edible cactus."
"Candy and cake are perfect for a kids' party. How about broccoli, liver and cauliflower? Abel Hernández and Gabriela Ruiz battle to prove it's possible."
"Accompanied by two Mexican soccer players, chef Pablo Salas and Iron Chef Francisco Ruano face off in a memorable first battle in Kitchen Stadium."