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Instant Star

Instant Star is a Canadian television program which aired from September 2004 to June 2008. The series starred Alexz Johnson as adolescent music competition winner Jude Harrison. The show chronicles Harrison's experience in the recording industry whilst focusing upon character development. Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn of Epitome Pictures produced the show. The program began to air on CTV in Canada prior to being picked up by Viacom-owned teen network channel The N, now TeenNick, in the United States. The show became the second most popular program on The N with Degrassi: The Next Generation, a Canadian show also produced by Schuyler and Stohn, ranking as most popular. In 2005, after its first season, Instant Star was nominated for three Gemini Awards in the category of Best Children's or Youth Fiction Program or Series. Nominations included: Best Series; Best Performance; and Best Direction. The show won the award for Best Direction for the episode You Can't Always Get What You Want. On August 28, 2007, the show received three more Gemini Award nominations in the category of Best Children's or Youth Program or series. Alexz Johnson was again nominated for Best Performance, and there were two more nominations for Best Direction - Graeme Campbell, and Pat Williams.
Season 4 - Instant Star
"In this dramatic Series finale gets the excitement of her life when a big record label in london offers her a signing contract, the dramatic part is at the same time tommy just proposed to her and going to london would mean leaving everything that she loves behind."
"While the G Major team is out building morale at a spa retreat, Jude is left alone with a very disturbed Megan."
"Tommy and Jude play poker to decide who gets what in their break up. Karma's reality show debuts - with her as the villain. She decides to find another villain even if she must frame them."
"Tommy returns and Megan tries to help Jude get over him; Blu and Zeppelin come to slaps over Jamie; Tommy is assigned to produce Karma and Speed's tv theme song."
"Jude's obsession with perfecting her third album threatens her career, her relationshops, and her health. Song: "I Just Wanted Your Love""
"Jude surprises Tommy by following him to his hometown, where she learns about his troubled past. Song: "Here We Go Again""
"When Tommy is called out of town, Jude wonders why he's being so mysterious. Is their relationship on the rocks?"
"After Jude and Tommy have a close encounter with the paparazzi, Darius decides it is time for them to go public. After Jude goes on about her love for Tommy on a talk show, the public reaction does more than surprise her."
"Jude attempts to repair her friendship with Jamie. Sadie tries to figure out a way to ask Jude if Kwest can move in. Meanwhile, a dare causes Jude and Sadie's house party to take a serious turn."
"With the reality TV cameras rolling, Karma's desire for fame grows as Karma and Spiederman's wedding approaches."
"Jude has everything she wants but when she realizes how many have come before her, will she be enough for Tommy?"
Season 2 - Instant Star
Season 1 - Instant Star