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In the Motherhood

In the Motherhood is an American television sitcom that debuted on ABC as a midseason entry and ran from March 26, 2009 to June 25, 2009. The series was produced by ABC Studios in association with Cabloom! and Mindshare.
Season 1 - In the Motherhood
"Jane begins to doubt her parenting skills when Shep, her boyfriend, immediately his it off with Horatio and her children. Meanwhile, Rosemary gives Emily a lesson on carpooling after being challenged by a neighbor on her supremacy.2"
"After Annie announces she is quitting her karate class, Jane rejoins a kickball at work to teach her a lesson regarding staying on course. Emily and Jason worry about their son's imaginary friend's temperament, and Rosemary shows off her parenting skills at seminar."
"Jane heads to Annie's school to confront her bully, but when it comes to the workplace, she becomes the bully by using some tried-and-true techniques to get what she wants. Meanwhile, a newcomer is challenging Emily as head mom at the preschool. Also, Rosemary wants to get her 1980's band back together."
"Jane feels like taking time off to be with her baby is as tough as being at work. Rosemary explains the need to unionize to Jane's nanny, Horatio. Emily and her husband decide to take a stay at home vacation this year, much to the disappointment of their children."
"Jane's week alone with Sophie turns out to be more stressful than she had hoped. Meanwhile, Rosemary tries to unionize Horatio's fellow nannies in order to get them better perks; and Emily and Jason's children don't like their "stay-cation" concept."