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Icon: Music Through the Lens

An eye-opening thrill ride that captures what it was like on both sides of the camera when the most recognizable images in history were taken featuring irreverent interviews with some of the most famous music photographers, musicians, gallerists, music journalists and social commentators.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 8.3

Season 1 - Icon: Music Through the Lens
"Where does music photography sit in the contemporary, popular culture landscape? The final episode explores whether music photography still has a role to play."
"The transition of music photography from a niche pastime to a highly collectable and valuable art form is examined through conversations with industry insiders."
"Photographers who shot some of the most memorable front covers in music photography reveal the unknown stories behind these iconic photographs."
"Art directors, musicians and music photographers discuss the evolution of record sleeve photography, from it's roots in jazz and rock to modern-day concepts."
"The trailblazers of music photography discuss those early days spent capturing the magic of live music and painting a picture of life on the tour bus."
"What defines an iconic image? This question provides the central theme for episode one as we are introduced to some of music photography's greatest names."