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How Trains Changed the World

The invention of trains transformed everything about how humans lived. From the movement of goods and population, the design of cities, to conquest and warfare, there are few aspects of civilization that were left untouched by these machines.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Kevin Spink


Country: Australia

Duration: 50 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 0

Season 1 - How Trains Changed the World
"As weapons and transport, trains transformed the battlefield - from huge railway guns and hospital trains to those taking victims to death camps."
"The world's 10 busiest metro systems carry more than 22 billion passengers every year. How has the train shaped cities - and changed the world?"
"Intended as an efficient, economical way of moving freight, the emergence of express trains revolutionised society with the demand for fast travel."
"From the Channel Tunnel to carrying iron ore in the Australian Outback, experts discuss the history and the future of freight trains."
"One of the great advances of the 19th Century, the railways were a tool of empire. How did the Victorians use them to expand their influence?"