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How the West Was Won

The Macahans, a family from Virginia headed by Zeb Macahan, travel across the country to pioneer a new land and a new home in the American West.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1976

IMDb: 8

Season 3 - How the West Was Won
"Luke embarks on a double mission: to win back his old flame Hillary and find the man who is suspected of murder as Luke once accused of - and to get him to confess."
"A by-the-book Army lieutenant clashes with the Macahans when he hunts for an Indian chief suspected of raiding wagon trains."
"Jessie is blindly in love with a handsome young stranger named Bob, who rescues her from a nasty villain. Together they flee to a small town and finds a priest who agrees to perform the ceremony."
"Rancher Henry Coe hires a professional gunman to drive the Macahans off what he considers to be his property. Frank Grayson ingratiates himself with the Macahans, but Josh recognizes him as the gunman once hired to kill Luke."
Season 2 - How the West Was Won
Season 1 - How the West Was Won