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House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

Suicide, murder... or something else? This docuseries examines chilling truths and theories around the deaths of 11 members of a Delhi family.

Genre: Documentary , Mystery , Crime , History

Actor: n/A

Director: Leena Yadav

Country: India

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths
"A deeper dive into the family’s history unearths telling details and dark secrets. In the incident's aftermath, larger sociological concerns emerge."
"Media pressure and rumors swirl around the incident. Inside the house, 11 diaries are discovered that reveal harrowing but crucial information."
"News of 11 family members found dead in their home sparks a local and national frenzy. Perplexed investigators grapple with more questions than answers."