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Highway to Heaven

Highway to Heaven is an American television drama series which ran on NBC from 1984 to 1989. The series aired for five seasons, running a total of 111 episodes. It was shot entirely in California.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1984

IMDb: 6.3

Season 4 - Highway to Heaven
"Ricky Diller is pressured by his father to win at everything and not enjoy losing a game once in awhile."
"Jonathan has to suddenly fix a computer glitch that causes Angels to go out on the wrong assignments. Jonathan must try to stop Max from ending his son's marriage. Jonathan then suggests that Maxi's wife Sarah also finish the assignment."
"A teen aged girl goes through an operation, that may not be successful. Mark helps Her fulfill Her dream of saving the dolphins."
"A dying teen raises funds for her operation as well as for other children with cancer."
"Mark and Jonathan travel to Hawaii to help Aulani a former singer and actress to try and thank people more often. A friend of hers just learned he has AIDS. Danny tells Jonathan he contracted the disease due to a blood transfusion."
"Hale Stoddard get the unique look at live through his wife's eyes. Hale is sitting in jail writing to his editor, which he believes he will never receive because he is covering all war. Jonathan than answers his request to hold his wife in his arms again. Jonathan first sends Hale back to the basement of his own home. He then gets a unique look at life through Martha's dream. First he learns that his wife always sleeps in his steady where his pictures are because that is all she has of him because he is a way a lot. Second he learns that while he is gone his wife sometimes fantasizes about Eleanor (A fellow journalist that often accompanied Hale on many trips.) Third Hale sees Louis before the accident that caused him to lose his arm. As he sees his son he begins to understand why his wife wanted him home all the time but also wanted him to be happy."
"Jonathan is still angry with God for not letting him go heaven to see Jane one last time. Jonathan becomes human after being dead for 40 years. Jennifer has fallen in love with Jonathan and now must help him understand that he will always have Jane in his heart regardless of the job he chooses. Jennifer suddenly finds a letter from Jane and as a way of saying goodbye to him he understands that until his job is finished they will always have forever."
"Jonathon gets a 'feeling' while he and Mark are driving towards their next job. He goes to the hospital to find his wife is near death and was calling for him. After she passes away Jonathon believes that he will no longer be working for the 'boss' and will go to be with his wife. To the answer of lightning and thunder he finds out otherwise and becomes enraged. He is then stripped of his 'stuff' and has to live as a mere mortal. While at the beach one night he sees a young woman who he thinks is the spirit of his wife. As he runs to her he sees a beautiful young woman who walks into the ocean attempting to kill herself. Jonathon saves her and the 2 forge a friendship... To Be Continued..."
"Jonathan and Mark return to Mark's old hometown of Oakland and they go visit his old precinct. They learn that there a case of ""the blue flu"" and Mark's old Captain asks him if he could fill in for awhile. He his teamed up with an old friend whom he discovers is a racist. Jonathan then goes to an apartment building that is need of a new handyman and Jonathan meets the (black) woman who is the manager. Now she has two sons, the elder hates anyone white and is practically a delinquent."
"A country doctor tries to teach the value of been a small-town doctor and excepting anything for pay. Dr. Hudsboth has to work hard to pay off a mortgage."
"Four boys whose parents just died recently are informed by the social worker assigned to their case, that the younger children will be placed in different foster homes. The elder brother decides to take them away and take care of them himself; he will find a job while the others go school. Jonathan goes to work as a teacher at their school, while Mark becomes a bum, living in the same park that the boys do. Now Miss Brisby, one of the boys teacher takes a liking to them and even offers their elder brother a job fixing her house. Eventually there was an incident at their which calls for the boys parents to be called, they ask Mark to pose as their father. Eventually, another incident blows their whole scheme and the younger boys are taken into custody and the older brother is arrested. Jonathan tells Miss Brisby about what happened. She then decides to appear at their hearing. When the judge, with no choice, orders that the elder brother be held and younger ones placed in the foster hom"
"It's Christmas time and Jonathan and Mark's latest assignment is to try and get two divorce parents who are still bickering and using their son as pawn against each other to stop and start being parents. They go and work for the father who is a lawyer. They bring their son to a department store and there the new store Santa is upset at the store for promoting toy guns, and when the boy tells Santa what he wants, he tells him that he can't be sure if he can give that. Later the store throws him out cause of his bellowing. He later goes back and is arrested, Jonathan offers to defend him, and the boys father sees this as an opportunity to get back at his wife who is the store's counsel. While in jail the Santa manages to lift the spirits of some of the people he meets there including one of the guards. Mark thinking that if he really is, ""the Claus"", why doesn't he just whisk himself out of here. But saying that it would not be a good message for the children says he won't, they will hav"
"Denise Kelly is a cop going undercover to stop a drug ring at a local high school. Jonathan and Mark pose as counselors to see if they can find who is bringing cocaine to school. Mark and Jonathan set up surveillance outside party between Denise and Mike to see if he knows anything about the cocaine. When Mark and Jonathan later meet with a faculty of the high school they find out everyone isn't pleased with the tactics used in trying to figure out who is bringing the cocaine in to school. Mark learns he made a big mistake when the parents of one of the students asks him to play the tape between Denise and Mike he later learns that he stopped the tape because they weren't talking about drugs. This mistake nearly costs Mark & Jonathan their jobs and almost costs Mark his life."
"Jonathan and Mark are hired to help honor ranch. They must try to convince a grandfather that he is still needed and isn't too old to do anything just because he thinks he is."
"Jonathan and Mark see if they can change reforms that only allow mothers in prison to see their kids behind a glass wall. Market and Jonathan have trouble convincing the warden that the present policy needs to change to allow mothers in prison to see their kids without a glass wall. During the night one of the warden's children is scared and begins screaming for her father only to find out that the father can't touch his own child to comfort her."
"Frank Reilly wants to get his sight back but soon realizes that the procedure the doctor wants to perform will do him no good. Meanwhile Scotty is just about to lose his sight and isn't sure what his future will be like without sight. Before he loses his sight he must learn to do things as a blind person would do. Frank and Scott must help each other realize that even though both of their dreams are ending they still have their own futures to find."
"Mark and Jonathon are sent to help a little boy overcome the sudden death of his father. Stevie deals with his grief through his favorite superhero, Amazing Man. Jonathon and Mark help his mother realize that grief is a normal reaction and help the family begin to heal."
"Jonathan tries to reunite a father and son who are a comedian and an actor, respectively together by getting to star in a community theatre play about an estranged father and son. But the comedian's antics drives his son mad."
"During Halloween night, Jonathan helps a little boy get over his fears (and in the process get even with his older sister)."
"The people next door the people of Mission Estates don't know that one of their own is hiding to secrets. Nine years ago Dr. Martin denied his wife, and his son of their heritage. Anna Martinez lives across the street from her son and grandson Bobby Martin. He kept the secrets so he could live in Mission Estates. Mission Estates is an exclusive subdivision that "" allows the right kind of people ""."
"Jonathan and Mark train Morty to be a price-fighting boxer. His brother Jerry is hiding a dangerous secret from his brother. Jerry services as his brother's trainer/manager in hopes of figuring out how to pay off some debts. Jerry that everything on someone who is already a prizefighter, while never having faith in his own brother."
"Alex finally meets the family of his dreams, those dreams are soon shattered when the turners want to adopt Alex. Alex wants to take Jake with him but the Foster family lives in a place where dogs aren't allowed. In order to make his dream come true Alex runs away with Jake back to the family he first fell in love with. Michele and Paul had been hoping to have a baby on their own but soon learn that adoption maybe their best option."
"Jenny's dog Jake runs away after chasing a cat. Jonathan and Mark find the dog and take him over to orphanage to help cheer up the kids. Jonathan and Mark must try to get Alex to become active again. They use Jake and get him to play with the other kids. They soon learn that Alex is afraid that if he touches anything it will be taken away from him."
Season 3 - Highway to Heaven
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