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Growing Up Creepie

Growing Up Creepie was an animated television series made in the USA and Canada by Mike Young Productions and produced by Discovery Kids. In other countries, the series was simply titled Creepie. The series aired 52 episodes, and it would have aired more, but Discovery Kids was replaced with The Hub.

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2006

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - Growing Up Creepie
"Creepie Friday: After Creepie comes home to an empty house, Budge plays out some scary scenarios of where everyone might have gone. The Final Curtain: It seems that ghosts are haunting the stage where Creepie and her friends are performing a play."
"Bad Karma Chameleon: Creepie is forced into taking care of Chris-Alice's bug-eating pet chameleon and must do everything in her power to protect her family. Home is Where the Haunt Is: When Bunny Hollyruller tries to sell Dweezwold Mansion, Creepie must do everything in their power to sour the sale."
"Bait and Switch: Creepie accompanies Chris-Alice and her father on a fishing trip where she learns of Old Crabby, a giant crab rumored to inhabit the lake. Shutterbug: Creepie uses an old camera to discover a new hobby and new ways to freak out her peers."
"Creepie's Living Doll: Creepie receives a doll from her Aunt in Mexico that turns out to be possessed. Operation monarch Liberation: Creepie frees butterflies from the Monarch Sanctuary, causing massive chaos."
"Headless Roach Man: Creepie attends her very first school dance where she mistakes a giant roach for Budge. Invasion of the Locusts: Creepie's locusts relatives invade Middlington which annoys her. But, she stands by them when George Hollyruller tries to exterminate them."
"Goth To Have Better Friends: Budge appears to be ignoring Creepie, so Creepie gets some new friends who are obsessed with a band called "The Hissing Roaches". Wax Attacks: A grudge-holding wax beetle gets revenge on bug haters by waxing Melanie and Carla. Even though Creepie feels they got what they deserve, she tries her best to free them."
"Field of Screams: Creepie and Budge discover an endangered American burying beetle on the school football field before the big game. But the beetle turns out to be something other than an innocent bug. Mom Under Glass: When Creepie forgets her lunch on a field trip to the Natural History Museum, Caroleena falls into the hands of an evil entomologist."
"Roaché Motel: Creepie, Chris-Alice, and Bunny Hollyruller are held captive in a roach trap motel until Creepie negotiates with the motel's owner. Little Greenhouse of Horrors: Creepie and Budge free Gnat and Pauly from a giant bug-eating Venus Flytrap."
"Attack of the Wasp Zombies: When Budge and other students are stung and hypnotized by a Malaysian Wasp, it's Creepie and Gnat to the rescue - karaoke-style! Legend of the Locker: Creepie unlocks the legend of Gina Redshoes who haunts the school's athletic equipment locker."
"The Scared Twitch Project: A school club gets lost while searching for Bugfoot. Frogenstein: Creepie brings a frog to life and it goes around Middlington drinking electricity."
"The Tell-Tale Poem: Creepie's mother's day poem causes concern at school. Creepie Meets Tarantula Boy: Creepie falls for Tarantula Boy, who is half human and half spider, when she visits a carnival."