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Gavin & Stacey

Gavin is an ordinary boy from Billericay, Essex. Stacey is an ordinary girl from Barry Island, South Wales. They’ve spoken on the phone every day at work for months but they’ve never actually met… until now.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2007

IMDb: 7.7

Season 3 - Gavin & Stacey
"Nessa and Dave's wedding day approaches.Gavin hears some life changing news from his wife.Bryn and Jason finally deal with their secret. Smithy wishes Nessa all the best as she prepares to get married."
"Those in Essex decide to head for the beach and enjoy their Bank Holiday Monday. Gavin has a heart to heart with his father. Nessa and Smithy are caught by Dave enjoying a good time together."
"Gavin isn't happy with his in laws knowing everything about his and Stacey's sex life. Pete and Dawn get ready to renew their wedding vows in Billercay and everyone heads off to be there."
"Pam and Mick talk about their new conservatory. Bryn looking forward to everyone staying over at his place when a night out in Cardiff is organised for the boys. Smithy is worried about seeing Nessa again after what happened last time. Stacey isn't sure whether she tell Gavin after making a worrying discovery."
"Stacey makes sure that Gavin stick to the promise he made her as she looks for a new job. When Vanessa makes plans to take the baby to see Smithy in Essex, Dave isn't happy."
"Stacey is happy to be living back in Barry as Gavin starts his new job in Cardiff. Smithy tries to adjust life without Gavin back in Essex. Everyone is reunited when the baby is christened."
Season 2 - Gavin & Stacey
Season 1 - Gavin & Stacey