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Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything

Follows professional teenage video gamer, Conor, who is forced to go to high school for the first time, after a thumb injury. Coping with his new lifestyle, he focuses on friendships and visualizes life as a video game.
Season 2 - Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything
"Thumbs of Fury is ready to compete in the IGL Nationals; a major challenge."
"Conor and Wendell join a new Rodeo fitness regime in hopes they can get ranch-ripped and win a cash prize to cover the cost of the team's upcoming trip to IGL Nationals; Ashley helps Franklin with his prom-postal idea to win over Emma."
"After scoring early access to an exclusive gaming map for their next tourney, Thumbs of Fury discovers their scheming gaming nemesis has returned to Mondale High."
"After seemingly defeating a rare arcade game at Billy's, Wendell is rewarded a special gift from the game's creator, but Conor is the one who actually won the game."
"When Franklin's literacy fair project is destroyed, Wendell is presumed to be the culprit and is expelled; Conor sets out to prove Wendell's innocence and clear his name."
"After Mr. Funkus is kicked out of his mom’s house, he moves into the school and teams up with Franklin to form a techno DJ duo."
"Ashley is invited to a prestigious girls only tournament and the rest of the team joins her to show their support."
"When Ashley's late aunt leaves her a chest full of ghost-hunting equipment, Conor and Wendell see money-making potential and start their own medium business."
"When the game rs get locked inside Mondale High during spring break with their least-favorite teacher, they must use their gaming skills to find a way out."
"The gamers enlist Janice's help to get into a highly anticipated action flick, but keeping her on board long enough to see the film proves far more difficult than they imagined."
"With both Redwood and Yuba claiming they won the Battle of the Stump many years ago, the two rival towns instigate another battle to determine the winner once and for all."
"After causing trouble for Janice, the gang is forced to volunteer for her Big Buddy program in which they are assigned little buddies for the week."
"Conor and the gang find out where they rank in the International Gaming League Tournament"
"Thumbs of Fury gets lost on their way to a tournament and wind up in Mexico where they instantly find themselves in trouble with the law."
"When Conor learns that the Olympic torch will pass through Redwood, he competes for the torchbearer title."
"Conor and Ashley recruit an NBA Player to be their ringer for a charity basketball game, and Wendell attempts to boost the popularity of his "Rekt" videos."
Season 1 - Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything