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Fierce Queens

Explore phenomenal female animals: the rebel matriarchs, powerful leaders and dangerous lovers of the natural world.

Genre: Documentary , Short

Actor: Reese Witherspoon



Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 6.7

Season 1 - Fierce Queens
"One of the biggest web-building spiders in the world, the orb spider must find a way to mate with her male counterparts who are approximately fifteen times smaller than she is."
"The femme fatale of female fireflies is part seductress, part vampire, as Reese shows us the fireflies' deadly trickery to provide nourishment to their young."
"Hyenas are the girl gang of the Savannah. They hunt in packs, get first bite of their prey, and outrank every male in their group, making them some of Africa's most fierce queens."
"We explore the world of mating seahorses which are the only animals in the world that have a major gender role reversal."
"Enter the fascinating, and sometimes brutal world of honey ants, struggling not just for survival, but power - all in service of their fearless leader, the queen."
"Reese explains the world of female Macaques who use sexually enticing ways to ensure their baby monkeys will grow up with strong male protectors."
"Reese takes us on a journey with two teenage cheetah sisters, coming of age in the wild and learning how to work together to survive."