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Fashion King

Fashion King is a South Korean television drama starring Yoo Ah-in, Shin Se-kyung, Lee Je-hoon and Kwon Yuri. It aired on SBS from March 19 to May 22, 2012 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes.
Season 1 - Fashion King
"Young Gul and Jae Hyuk's rivalry is put to rest with their final battle."
"Young Gul begins to push everyone close to him away when his greed takes over."
"Ga Young asks to move back into the factory. Young Gul schemes to meet the chairman of J Fashion by using An Na."
"Ga Young is promoted to Team Leader at J Fashion, putting her in a difficult position when Young Gul asks her to quit."
"Young Gul and Ga Young meet on the plane ride to New York, coincidentally being placed right next to each other. To add to it, they even find themselves being roomed in the same hotel and right next to each other. They confront each other and open up about their feelings. Jae Hyuk finds out about Ga Young's and Young Gul's relationship and is jealous. Ah Na is disappointed to find that Young Gul's feelings for her aren't what she thought."
"Young Gul had previously asked Jae Hyuk to allow Ga Young to complete her studies in the states. He also has his necklace replaced with diamonds. And he also finds out news about his father from his aunt. Ga Young requests to quit Fashion King but Jae Hyuk refuses it and the two go out for dinner and stroll along the beach. Secretly, Young Gul tries to get Ga Young's factory back from President Jo."
"Young Gul sets up a new brand of clothes called GG. He organizes the first fashion show of the brand together with Ah Na. Ga Young and Jae Hyuk are both shocked, and on the way back Ga Young asks to go drink soju. She gets drunk and Jae Hyuk has her sleep at his place, the next morning he finds out that Young Gul is his neighbor - who is surprised to see Ga Young there. Jae Hyuk forces Ah Na to resign. Jae Hyuk invites Ga Young to dinner but Young Gul and Ah Na also show up."
"Jae Hyuk goes to President Jo to buy her shares, and in return she requests that Jung Ah work at his company. Jae Hyuk proceeds to get Young Gul's shares. His company is starting a new competition for the selection of designers called "Fashion King". Ga Young learns that Young Gul sold the brand to Jae Hyuk."
"Jae Hyuk files a lawsuit against Young Gul claiming that he stole Ah Na's ideas. Ga Young, feeling betrayed, goes to see him and follows him to his house, saying she won't leave until he lifts the lawsuit. Young Gul sees this happening and misunderstands. Jae Hyuk admits he lost this round, and offers to buy up Young Gul's shares for a profit - and for Ga Young being sent to him. Ga Young admits to liking worked at Jae Hyuk's factory."
"Jae Hyuk feels that if he can't have Ga Young, no one should, and threatens to file the lawsuit if she doesn't come to work for him. Business picks up for Young Young Apparel and things are going smoothly, but Ga Young doesn't tell Young Gul what Jae Hyuk said. Young Gul wishes her a happy birthday and makes her a special gift."
"Jae Hyuk is perturbed when thinking of Young Gun forcefully kissed Anna. At the same time, the atmosphere between Young Gul and Ga Young is subtle. Anna and Young Gul go for a drink and do not return for the night. Jae Hyuk feel jealous, and he decides to vandal Young Gul’s factory. Jae Hyuk dates Ga Young for a meeting, he lets Ga Young chose her own clothing. Young Gul learns that Jae Hyuk is secretly destroying his factory, and he angrily argues with Jae Hyuk. Anna wants to break up with Jae Hyuk, Jae Hyuk is once again angered. Suddenly reporter come to interview Young Gul, Young Gul does not know that Anna began to help him."
"Young Gul suddenly receives a call from Mike, and Mike takes initiative to request to meet him. Young Gul is excited after learning the news. Young Gul tells his inner heart to Ga Young, and Ga Young takes initiative to kiss Young Gul. Young Gul and Ga Young bring along the fashion of own designed to US to meet Mike, the two persons re-embark on the path to the drama. Jae Hyuk comes to the hotel where Ga Young is staying, Young Gul once again misunderstands Jae Hyuk who walks out from the room of Ga young. Jae Hyuk who returned to Korea is accused by his mother, and he leaves angrily. At the same time, the factory of Young Gul finally on track, and everyone is happy."
"Jae Hyuk found himself tricked by Young Gul, and is furious. Jae Hyuk came to Young Gul’s shop, and angrily asks Ga Young if she colluded with Young Gul to set him up. Ga Young who blamed herself drinks together with the colleagues. The drunken Ga young returns to the shop and tell the words inside her heart to Young Gul. Anna goes to find president Jo. She wants to join hands with president Jo to deal with Ga Young. Jae Hyuk decides to use Ga Young to hit back against Young Gul. Young Gul immediately goes to argue with Jae Hyuk once he learned of it. Jae Hyuk forces Young Gul to sign the declaration that Ga Young stole the design of Anna. After careful consideration, he proposes a win-win solution."
"Young slipped and fell down when trying to take the raw materials located at a height, but luckily Jae Hyuk appears in a time mannerly and grabs her. Anna insults Young Gul, in retaliation, Young Gul kisses Anna forcefully. Anna and Young Gul encounter Jae Hyuk and Ga Young when going out, the four persons fall silent. The next day, Ga Young goes to work at Jae Hyuk’s company but is censured by multiple parties. Jae Hyuk feels pain in heart when seeing her suffering. Jae Hyuk invites Ga Young to fine dining restaurant, but Ga Young almost mentions about Young Gul during the meal. The fashion show of Jae Hyuk’s compnay achieved great success, at the same time, Young Gul also executes his plan step by step."
"Young Gul sends the drunk and unconscious Anna home, and he encounters Jae Hyuk while leaving. Jae Hyuk misunderstands Young Gul, and the two fight. Young Gul looks is loving dearly when looking at Ga Young who is sleeping, he quietly slept next to Ga Young. The design of Ga Young surprises Young Gul, he helps Ga Young to modify the style, and allows her to negotiate with Jae Hyuk’s company. Jae Hyuk agrees to be the bank guarantee for Young Gul, Ga Young tells the good news to Young Gul. Jae Hyuk receives the design of Ga Young, while Young Gul is plotting a plan. Read more: Fashion King Episode 6 Synopsis Summary (Video Preview) | Asian Drama"
"Young Gul fells endless sense of guilty when recalling the scene of Ga Young been beaten. Ga Young who is full of wounds goes to the boutique of madam Jo. She decides to stay temporarily at the shop. Ga Young does not give up design in the difficult condition. She then calls Jae Hyuk, wanting to recommend herself to him. Young Gul is caught by triad boss, in order to save his life, he says that his design can bring in huge profits. Ga Young is showing clothes made by her to Jae Hyuk, Jae Hyuk agrees to help Ga Young. Young Gul and president Jo saw the scene Jae Hyuk sent Ga Young home. President Jo deliberately makes Ga Young embarrassed, Young Gul suddenly appears to rescue Ga Young. Read more: Fashion King Episode 5 Synopsis Summary (Video Preview) | Asian Drama"
"After accepting the proposal of Michael, Young Gul and Ga Young are in very good mood, and are having dinner together in harmony. But Jung Ah who wants to step Ga Young under her feet report to police, so the two persons are brought to police station. With the help of Jae Hyuk, Ga Young is released immediately, but Young Gul is sentenced to one year jail by the court. Young Gul, who speculates that everything is the works of Jae Hyuk behind the scene, is getting furious. On the other hand, Anna who accepts the suggestion Jae Hyuk returns to South Korea together with him. Hyang Sook who learned the news looks for Anna with a murderous smile."
"Young Gul is being ignored by Jae Hyuk. He becomes homeless and wanders and struggles on the street with hunger. He heads to consulate to Younggeol (Yoo Ah-In) went down streets, starving. He heads to claim that he is the victim of mutiny on board the ship, instead he is accused as a criminal and been reported to police. After grasping the situation, Young Gul escapes, reunites with Ga Young after twists and turns. In order not to affect and violate Bong Sook, Ga Young finds a house to stay together with Young Gul. They bring in a sewing machine and the two persons begin to make clothes tirelessly. While Young Gul is selling clothes at flea market, he receives a business card from a man. He encounters Anna when finding the man."
"Synopsis Summary for Episode 2 of Fashion King Young Gul comes to the rescue of the companion on the ship, but is beaten brutally by the ship owner. Young Gul who is injured recalls his mother. Ga Young finally arrives at the fashion school in New York, but is informed by the school that her application to study at the school is rejected. Ga Young who has nowhere else to go calls Young Gul for help, she found herself unable to contact Young Gul. The sailors on the boat riot. In order to keep his life, Young Gul agrees to help them to United States. Ga Young decides to go to find Jae Hyuk to ask for help, but Jae Hyuk misunderstands her intention. Later Jae Hyuk remembers that he had met Ga Young before. Young Gul is forced to sneak into United States, and he is also framed as the mastermind of sailors’ revolt."
"Young Gul watched the new product launch event of a famous company, he immediately drew the design of clothing for the season, and rushed to manufacturing urgently to release the product to market for sales. Ga Young is accepted for admission by a famous overseas design school, but the president is unwilling to let her studies abroad. The daughter of president organizes a party in the store, accidentally causes the fire. Ga Young who stays in the store is thus adversely affected. The penniless Ga Young is ousted by the president. Ga Young comes to the shop of Young Gul based on a recruitment ads. Ga Young does not agree with the behavior of Young Gul who copies that branded design, and they part on bad terms. Young Gal sees the full name of Ga Young by chance, and he remembers bygones that happened long in the past."