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Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island is the title of two separate but related American television series, both originally airing on the ABC television network.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1977

IMDb: 6.5

Season 6 - Fantasy Island
"Tattoo has an auto accident and suffers a serious head injury. Mr. Roarke helps him through the surgery and to overcome his depression by reminiscing about their favorite fantasies. In flashback scenes there are appearances by: Anne Jeffreys, Richard Lineback, James Steward, Mabel King, Raymond St. Jacques, Cleavon Little, Berlinda Tolbert, Kedren Jones, Samantha Eggar, Joseph Cotton, John Brandon, Linda Thompson Jenner, Don Ho, Laraine Day, Dick Fair, Sam Melville, Tom Wopat, Robert Mandan, John Fiedler, Lynda Day George, Victor Buono, Michael Hadlow, Angela Slater, Philece Sampler, Rosemary Lord, Paul John Balson, Tom Bailey."
"In ""Love Island"" two phony playboy wannabe's fanatisize about being on an Island surrounded by beautiful wild women, are in for a huge surprise when their island paradise turns out to be something very prehistoric. And in ""The Sisters"" Stephanie Wilson is in search of her sister Linda. She is having visions of her sister and her abusive captor Richard Winston, she wants to help her sister escape."
"In ""What's the Matter with Kids?"" a famous writer of children's books wishes to spend the day with the perfect child. And in ""Island of Horrors"" a woman goes to the ""Island of Horrors"" to find her missing fiancee."
"In ""Edward"" a successful man comes to the Island to restore his acquaintance with his ex-wife and son. And in ""The Extraordinary Miss Jones"" Melanie Jones has a terminal blood disorder and she wishes to make a scientific contribution."
"In ""The Devil Stick"" Carl Peters' fantasy is to find his lost love, Hallie Miller, turns out to be a witch's curse. And in ""Touch and Go"" Tattoo fulfills a promise to Susan Henderson, the woman who saved his life years ago - help her find her dream man. With the aid of a magical ring she finds her true love in Carter Ransome."
"In ""King of Burlesque"" Tom Vail a Wall Street economist wants to experience the world of old time burlesque by becoming a comic headliner and discovers his love for Abby Boudreau. And in ""Death Games"" Vanessa Walgreen, an amateur sportswoman whose fantasy is to win the annual Fantasy Island pentathlon. Mr. Roarke tells Tattoo that Vanessa has appointed herself his judge, jury and executioner. Vanessa wants revenge for her husband, Michael, who was killed during his fantasy a month earlier."
"In ""Eternal Flame"" a couple search for the fountain of youth. And in ""A Date With Burt"" a file clerk from Salem, Oregon wishes to have a date with a movie star."
"In ""Return to the Cotton Club"", Charles 'Diggs' Whelan comes to Fantasy Island to get a big break in his singing career. He sacrifices his chance to stardom by helping a young singer at ""The Cotton Club"". And in ""No Friends Like Old"", Doreen Murphy wants to impress her old college friends and win their respect, but soon learns that money can't buy respect."
"In ""Revenge of the Forgotten"" a man who spent eight years in a prison comes to Fantasy Island to find a fabulous lost treasure and start a new life. And in ""Charo"" Charles Woodruff has spent his life without love and realizes his dignity and success never gave him happiness. The void in his life is filled when Maria's fantasy comes true and she is reunited with her father."
"In ""Midnight Waltz"" A Man wants to have one more dance with his wife who's been dead for six months. And in ""Let Them Eat Cake"" A waitress from Des Moines wants a weekend as a pampered Queen."
"In ""The Tallowed Image"" a track coach from Vermont wishes to overcome his emotional fears by pursuing a beautiful older woman. And in ""Room and Bard"" an actress comes to the Island to appear in an original Shakespearean play."
"In ""The Songwriter"" a man travels back in time to find the unpublished songs of his famous ""songwriter"" grandfather. And in ""Queen of the Soaps"" a soap opera star hopes Mr. Roarke can help her from becoming possessed by Andrea, her evil character she plays on TV."
"In ""Operation Breakout"" a man's fantasy is to rescue a double agent for a government reward. And in ""Candy Kiss"" A champion racehorse breeder wishes to win the blue ribbon race."
"In ""Naught Marietta"" a mother's fantasy is for her little girl to play the part of Marietta in ""Naughty Marietta."" And in ""The Winning Ticket"" Tattoo is left the ""winning ticket"" in the Irish sweepstakes by his friend who discovers that money does not buy happiness."
"In ""The Kleptomaniac"" A kleptomaniac comes to the Island to rid himself of the urge to steal. Tattoo is asked to keep a constant eye on Fred Simpson, but to no avail! And in ""Thank God, I'm A Country Girl"" A waitress wants to appear to be a wealthy heiress for a daughter she gave up for adoption as a baby."
"In ""Roller Derby Dolls"" a manager of a sporting goods store wishes to own and manage a professional sports club. And in ""Thanks A Million"" A waitress from Arkansas along with an auto worker and an owner of a large appliance store arrive to compete in a contest."
"In ""The Beautiful Skeptic"" a female reporter comes to the Island to prove it's a fraud. And in ""The Lost Platoon"" a man goes back to World War II to prove his brother was not a coward and was never engaged in black marketeering."
"In ""Everybody Goes to Gilley's"" Mickey Gilley's fantasy is to become a star headliner and a big country western singer. And in ""Face of Fire"" a woman's fantasy is fulfilled when she risks her life in the face of fire to save a reclusive billionaire's life."
"In ""The Angel's Triangle"" Michael, the angel of death, spares Brent Harris in a horse accident because he has always loved Catherine Harris and doesn't want to see her hurt. And in ""Natchez Bound"" Las Vegas blackjack dealer Jenny Ryan wishes to spend her weekend aboard a Mississippi riverboat."
"In ""The Perfect Gentleman"" a famous rock singer who witnessed a murder in Las Vegas and faked his own death comes to the Island to assume a new identity. And in ""Legend"" an actress wishes to start an illustrious career in musicals."
"In ""Dancing Lady"" a receptionist from Toledo, Ohio dreams of becoming the dancing star in a lavish musical. And in ""The Final Round"" a boxing manager wishes to manage his first champion before he retires."
"In ""The Curse of the Moreaus"" Jesse and Kathy Moreau come to the Island so Jesse can fulfill his fantasy to rid himiself of a family curse. And in ""My Man Friday"": Linda Whitney's dream is to become vice president of an advertising publicity agency."
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