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This refreshing and uplifting global journey deep dives into the fascinating and emerging world of biomimicry and whether the unique adaptations of the animal world can truly help us to find futuristic solutions to some of our biggest problems?

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Patrick Aryee

Director: n/A

Country: United States

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - EVOLVE
"On the final leg of his biomimicry journey, Patrick investigates whether nature could hold the key to restoring the impact humans have had on Planet Earth. From plastic pollution to ecosystem collapse, could nature’s salvation lie in mysterious squid, decorative spiders, or awkward bumblebees?"
"Patrick discovers new meaning to his love of travel and exploration as he finds out all the ways that life can move. The secrets to cleaner, faster and farther travel are now being uncovered in everything from soaring albatross to venomous sidewinders, not to mention the fastest animal on land."
"Traveling across the world, Patrick goes in search of the animals that have mastered the art of protection. From invisible octopuses to invincible cockroaches, Patrick meets the scientists learning from the creature to create technologies that could better protect us in the future."
"On this leg of his journey, Patrick investigates evolution’s regenerative secrets. For millennia, life has had to overcome everything from injuries to infections. Could the next major medical breakthroughs be hiding in deadly scorpions, prehistoric predators or even the smallest animals on Earth?"
"Patrick explores whether nature’s greatest survivors could hold the answers to humanity’s greatest challenges in the future. From water shortages to natural disasters, could life-saving solutions be hiding in creatures like camels, dolphins or even sun-eating sea slugs?"
"On the first leg of his journey, Patrick investigates how life evolved ways to thrive across all corners of our planet. From gravity-defying giraffes, to radiation-resistant fungus, can nature teach us better ways of reaching and exploring worlds beyond Planet Earth?"